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The European Traffic Police Network’s road safety inspection campaign uncovered multiple violations, including speeding, overloaded cargo, lack of permits, and absence of protective bars, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced road safety measures in the Ammochostos district.

What were the main findings of the European Traffic Police Network’s road safety inspection campaign?

The road safety inspection campaign revealed:
– 8 vehicles had certificates of suitability revoked.
– 58 instances of speeding violations.
– 35 reports for uncovered or overladen cargo.
– 52 vehicles lacked legal permits.
– 20 reports due to absence of protective bars.
– 10 vehicles were on the road despite being deregistered.
– 220 other various traffic infringements.

Comprehensive Overview of Road Safety Inspection Campaign

Introduction to the Enforcement Campaign

In an effort to ramp up road safety, the European Traffic Police Network (Roadpol) initiated a concerted effort involving multiple European nations. This campaign, focused on bus and truck operations, was not merely a routine check but part of a broader initiative during the European Road Safety Week.

Coordination and Execution

The Police, with the support of the Department of Road Transport, launched a comprehensive traffic inspection operation. This campaign in the Ammochostos district saw the collaborative endeavors of various members of the Traffic Department Headquarters, including the adept hands of the Engineering Inspection Office and the Traffic Department.

Inspection Details

The campaign kicked off at the first glimmer of dawn, precisely at 6:00 a.m., and continued unwaveringly for a full 24-hour cycle. Its primary focus lay in the scrutiny of the technical and mechanical aspects of buses and trucks plying the district’s roads. In a simultaneous stride, the campaign also included thorough checks of the associated vehicle documents, and the professional credentials of the drivers at the helm of these commercial transporters.

Findings and Violations

Regrettably, the campaign’s findings were indicative of several concerns:

  • The revocation of certificates of suitability for eight vehicles underscored their lack of roadworthiness.
  • Speeding violations were rampant, with 58 instances recorded.
  • A startling 35 reports were issued for either uncovered or overladen cargo.
  • Lack of legal permits was another significant breach, with 52 cases of vehicles driving without a circulation permit or a certificate of suitability.
  • The absence of protective bars, a critical safety feature, led to 20 reports.
  • An alarming 10 vehicles were found to be driving despite being deregistered, immobilized, or unregistered.
  • A varied mix of 220 other traffic infringements were cataloged, each undermining the collective road safety.

Ongoing Safety Measures

The Police have reinforced their commitment to continuous vigilance on the roads. Their unwavering objective: to avert grievous, possibly fatal, accidents, to bolster the safety of the road networks, and to steadfastly nurture a culture of road safety awareness.

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