Call for Rental Properties to Accommodate Police Services in Nicosia

police services rental properties

The Nicosia Police Services are seeking rental properties meeting specific criteria, including proximity to the Police Headquarters and adequate office, storage, and parking spaces. Expressions of interest are due by May 10, 2024, for property owners and real estate firms interested in accommodating various police departments, marking a crucial step towards improving law enforcement infrastructure in the city.

What are the requirements for rental properties to accommodate police services in Nicosia?

Prospective rental properties for the Nicosia police must meet specific criteria:

  • Proximity to Police Headquarters within 2 to 15 kilometers.
  • Total area ranging from 300 m² to 2,310 m².
  • Office and auxiliary spaces, storage areas.
  • Indoor and outdoor parking accommodating 65 vehicles and 50 motorcycles.
  • Expressions of interest due by May 10, 2024.

The Police Headquarters in Nicosia is publicly inviting expressions of interest from property owners and real estate firms. Suitable buildings are sought for rental purposes to serve as accommodations for various police departments. This initiative marks a significant step towards improving the infrastructure for law enforcement services within the city.

Essential Requirements for Prospective Buildings

Prospective buildings must adhere to a series of specific prerequisites to be considered suitable for the intended purposes. Below are the detailed criteria for each department’s needs:

Crime Fighting Department Accommodation

  • Total Area: Approximately 550 m²
  • Proximity: Maximum 2 kilometers from the Police Headquarters
  • Facilities Required:
  • Office spaces suitable for investigative work
  • Auxiliary zones for operational support
  • Storage areas for equipment and files
  • Indoor and outdoor parking spaces for staff and department vehicles

Traffic Department and Other Police Services

  • Total Area: Approximately 2,310 m²
  • Proximity: No more than 15 kilometers from the Police Headquarters, preferably near a highway for ease of access
  • Facilities Required:
  • Office spaces to accommodate administrative tasks
  • Auxiliary and storage areas for traffic management equipment
  • Covered parking spaces for a fleet consisting of 65 vehicles and 50 motorcycles within a hangar
  • Additional 100 open or covered parking spaces for other vehicles
  • 4 parking spaces specifically designed for disabled vehicles

Professional Standards and Inspection Department

  • Total Area: Approximately 670 m²
  • Proximity: Within a radius of no more than 5 kilometers from the Police Headquarters
  • Facilities Required:
  • Office spaces for departmental staff
  • Auxiliary and storage areas for departmental operations
  • Adequate indoor and outdoor parking spaces for vehicles

Latsia Police Station

  • Total Area: Approximately 300 m²
  • Location: The desired location is within the Latsia-Yeri area
  • Facilities Required:
  • Office spaces for administrative and operational staff
  • Auxiliary and storage areas for police work
  • Enclosed spaces dedicated to material storage
  • Indoor and outdoor parking spaces for station vehicles

Submission of Expressions of Interest

Interested individuals or companies are encouraged to submit their expressions of interest, keeping in mind the following stipulations:

  • Deadline for Submission: The expressions of interest must be submitted no later than Friday, May 10, 2024, by 12:00 PM.
  • Multiple Submissions: Parties with multiple properties that meet the criteria are welcome to submit more than one expression of interest.

For additional details surrounding the building specifications, please refer to the official Police website at This source will provide comprehensive information to guide interested parties through the submission process.

Interested parties should recognize this as an opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of public services by providing facilities that meet the high standards required for efficient police operations.

The Nicosia Police Services are looking for buildings to rent that are close to the Police Headquarters and have enough space for offices, storage, and parking. Property owners and real estate firms have until May 10, 2024, to show interest in renting their buildings to the police. This is important for improving the city’s law enforcement infrastructure.

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