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hiv/aids cyprus

Reflecting on the Struggles and Advancements in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in Cyprus

Despite advancements in treatment and diagnosis rates, individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Cyprus continue to face discrimination and a lack of quality of life. Calls for state action and policy reform have been made to protect the rights and dignity of patients, with the hope of eliminating stigma and prejudice surrounding the illness. The reconstitution of the National AIDS Committee and the involvement of the Health Ministry have brought about positive changes, but it is crucial for Cyprus to continue fostering initiatives and policies that support those affected by HIV/AIDS.

highway maintenance infrastructure

Essential Maintenance on the Nicosia-Limassol Highway and the Limassol Bypass

The NicosiaLimassol highway and Limassol bypass are undergoing ongoing maintenance work from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am, with the highway cleaning taking place from November 27 to November 30, and the bypass maintenance occurring from November 6 to November 30. The focus of the maintenance is on cleaning the central lane of the highway and stormwater drains and roundabouts on the bypass. During this period, traffic may be rerouted, and there will be a heightened police presence to ensure safety.

mental health care infrastructure

Crafting a National Mental Health Strategy: A Pressing Concern in Cyprus

The national mental health strategy discussion in Cyprus is focused on addressing critical gaps in the mental health care system, including infrastructure deficiencies, the need for better patient support, the low bed ratio compared to European standards, and the importance of personalized treatments for eating disorders. The strategy aims to ensure dignified care, societal reintegration for mental health patients, and break societal taboos, with a call to action for government transparency and reform.

haemodialysis renal care

Paphos General Hospital Unveils New Haemodialysis Unit

Paphos General Hospital in Paphos is transforming renal care with a new haemodialysis unit that offers advanced technology, specialized spaces for vulnerable groups, and inclusive design for patients with disabilities. This development addresses the growing need for quality kidney disease management and diabetesrelated treatments in the area.

cancer national cancer institute

Pushing for a National Cancer Institute in Cyprus

The proposal for a National Cancer Institute in Cyprus is driven by the rising cancer rates in the country, making it the second leading cause of death. This institute would centralize scientific authority, coordinate research and treatment, and implement a National Cancer Strategy to improve health outcomes and address the public health challenge of cancer.

healthcare labour agreements

Unions disagree with Okypy’s proposal on hospital labour agreements

Okypy’s proposal for hospital labour agreements has sparked disagreement with labour unions, who demand collective labour agreements with transparent pay scales and knowledge of annual raises. Unions seek a revised engagement approach from Okypy’s directorate, while Okypy suggests fixed and variable salary increases leading up to 2025, followed by a new system post2026, contingent on performance and financial health. Both parties are committed to ongoing dialogue to find a mutually beneficial agreement for the state healthcare system.

patient rights medical records

Understanding Patient Rights: Access to Medical Records in Cyprus

In Cyprus, patients have the right to access and examine their medical records under Article 17, free of charge for the first copy as per GDPR. This includes viewing or obtaining a copy and the ability to correct information. Rights include nondiscriminatory healthcare access, confidentiality, and understanding personal medical data.

mosque cyprus

Biggest Mosque in Cyprus Set to Open in the North

The biggest mosque in Cyprus is set to open in Northern Cyprus on January 11, 2024, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the TRNC. With 62 domes, six minarets, and intricate decorations, the mosque represents a fusion of faith, art, and culture, and is poised to become a cultural landmark in the region.

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