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Daring Reforms Announced for Cyprus’ Health Sector

President Nikos Christodoulides recently announced significant reforms in Cyprus’ health sector aimed at enhancing healthcare quality and adhering to the European patients’ rights charter. Key initiatives include creating a health ombudsman to advocate for patient rights and continuously improving Gesy, the national health system, to provide a patientcentered healthcare experience. These reforms mark a bold step towards ensuring that individuals seeking medical care in Cyprus receive the dignity, respect, and quality services they deserve.

energy regional cooperation

The Future of Cyprus: The Great Sea Interconnector

The Great Sea Interconnector, formerly the EuroAsia Interconnector, is a pivotal undersea cable project linking Cyprus, Greece, and Israel’s electricity grids. With a budget of €1.9 billion and targeted completion in 2029, it signifies enhanced regional cooperation and energy security for Cyprus, all without imposing any costs on consumers until fully operational.

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Your brain is what you eat

The traditional Japanese diet, focusing on rice, fish, and citrus fruits, may help maintain cognitive health by reducing brain shrinkage. Including foods like miso and seaweed could offer significant brain health benefits, according to a study by Giovanni Sala and Shu Zhang.

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Gesy ‘requires fruitful contribution’ of all involved

In Gesy, Cyprus’s healthcare system, nurses and midwives play a vital role in improving care quality and patient outcomes. Minister Michael Damianos highlighted their expertise at a conference, emphasizing the need for collaboration among all parties involved to ensure highquality care and uphold humanitarian values. Their deep knowledge and dedication are essential for meeting health targets and enhancing the wellbeing of the Cypriot population.

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Enhancing Healthcare in Cyprus: A Year of Progress

In the past year, Cyprus has implemented a range of healthcare improvements, including expanding services, increasing subsidies for infertility treatments, developing strategies for mental health, cancer prevention, diabetes, and rare diseases, as well as investing €22 million in hospital infrastructure and equipment. Health Minister Michael Damianos has lauded the progress made, emphasizing the commitment to providing quality care to patients and addressing various health concerns, setting a promising path for the future of healthcare in Cyprus.

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Dust Warning: Vulnerable Groups Advised to Take Precautions

During a dust warning in Cyprus, vulnerable groups, especially those with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, are advised to stay indoors, avoid outdoor activities, wear highprotection masks, keep windows closed, and monitor air quality reports. Dr. Haris Armeutis highlights the need to minimize exposure to airborne dust particles, which can exacerbate health conditions, emphasizing the importance of taking precautions and seeking medical advice if symptoms worsen.

community sustainability

Preserving the Heart of the Highlands: Initiatives to Sustain Mountain Communities

Initiatives to sustain mountain communities include aiding young people in becoming homeowners, enhancing healthcare services at Troodos Hospital, improving education and transport infrastructure, stimulating economic activity, upgrading internet services, and establishing a robust road network for better accessibility. These efforts, led by mountains commissioner Charalambos Christophinis, aim to reverse depopulation trends and breathe new life into rural highland areas before the summer season unfolds, fostering a sense of optimism and rejuvenation.

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Cypriot Patients Safe in Israel After Attacks

The three Cypriot patients in Israel are safe and well at the Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv, despite recent attacks. They continue their treatment with the support of the Cypriot Health Ministry, showcasing international cooperation in challenging times.

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