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renewable energy regulation

Navigating the Energy Transition: Challenges and Reforms

Andreas Poullikkas, Chairman of CERA, emphasizes the need for regulatory reforms to transition to renewable energy, focusing on infrastructure investments and redesigning the electrical grid. The EU’s push for a unified electricity market is crucial for stabilizing prices and supply security, while policies promoting sustainability and innovation are key in navigating the energy transition.

safety infrastructure

Ceiling Collapse Incident at Famagusta School Raises Concerns

The ceiling collapse incident at Canakkale middle school in Famagusta, Cyprus, occurred due to structural safety issues during school holidays, sparking concerns about the integrity of school buildings in the region. Inspections have revealed widespread safety problems in many schools, leading to calls for transparency in fund allocation for disaster protection to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

healthcare cyprus

Addressing Systemic Abuses in Cyprus’ National Health Scheme

Cyprus is addressing systemic abuses in its national health scheme, Gesy, by implementing systematic checks and punishments to tackle exploitation. Efforts are also being made to enhance hospital autonomy, with ongoing financial support discussions between the government and Okypy to realign with original objectives despite delays due to the pandemic.

insurance healthcare

Understanding Medical Insurance in 2024: Navigating Changes and Choosing the Best Plan for Your Needs

In 2024, understanding medical insurance is crucial for individuals and families to secure financial stability and access quality healthcare services. By carefully evaluating insurance policies, considering factors such as health needs, coverage, costs, and provider networks, individuals can choose a plan that best meets their requirements and provides peace of mind in the face of unforeseen medical expenses.

population municipal funding

Kioneli’s Surprising Population Surge

Mayor Huseyin Amcaoglu of Kioneli has revealed that the population of the town might be as high as 60,000, doubling the official estimate of 33,000. This significant undercount could lead to inadequate funding and services for the residents, highlighting the urgent need for an updated census to ensure appropriate resource allocation and infrastructure investment.

government surveillance freedom of the press

Government’s Stance on EU Legislation and Journalist Spying

The arrival of 170 migrants at Cape Greco highlights the ongoing humanitarian challenges faced by the world. Each individual represents a personal story and the need for a compassionate and efficient response from the community and government to address their needs while considering immigration policies and border security.

energy concerns infrastructure

The Debate Over the 2024 Budget in the North

The 2024 budget debate in the northern region is centered around concerns regarding energy procurement, property sales to foreigners, recognition of sports teams, parliamentary promises and hiring practices, and international relations. Of particular focus are the controversial 15year energy procurement deal with a Turkish firm, the policy on property sales to foreigners, and the government’s efforts to strengthen international relations.

healthcare gesy

Gesy’s Landmark Enrollment Numbers

The Gesy national health scheme in Cyprus has registered 943,978 individuals, which is almost a quarter of the country’s population. Usage statistics reveal that a large number of people have consulted general practitioners, received prescription drugs, been referred to specialists, undergone laboratory tests, visited imaging centers, and attended dental appointments under the scheme, highlighting its positive impact.

road safety enforcement

Safer Streets: A Look into the Decrease in Road Fatalities in 2023

In 2023, road fatalities have decreased thanks to proactive enforcement and awareness campaigns against impaired driving, educational initiatives promoting road safety, continuous improvements in road infrastructure, and advances in vehicle safety technology. These efforts have led to a significant reduction in the number of road deaths in Cyprus, highlighting the authorities’ commitment to making the roads safer for everyone.

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