Califorian Restaurant: The American-Inspired Dining Experience in Northern Cyprus

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Craving American, European, or Turkish food in Northern Cyprus? Look no further than Califorian Restaurant! Founded by Salih Keyim in 2000, this American-inspired dining establishment has become a popular destination for locals, students, and tourists alike. With a diverse menu and expanding locations, Califorian Restaurant offers a delicious dining experience and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

What is the Califorian Restaurant in Northern Cyprus?

The Califorian Restaurant is an American-inspired dining establishment in Northern Cyprus, offering a diverse menu of American, European, and Turkish dishes. Founded by Salih Keyim in 2000, the popular eatery has since expanded with Califorian Gold in Famagusta, and a planned third location in Kyrenia.

Bringing the TGI Friday’s Concept to Cyprus

When Salih Keyim visited the United States around 20 years ago, he was instantly enamored with the TGI Friday’s restaurant concept. He thought to himself, “I have to bring this to Northern Cyprus.” At the time, there was nothing like it in the region, but the demand was undoubtedly there.

On May 25, 2000, Salih’s dream became a reality when he opened Califorian restaurant in the capital, Nicosia. Since then, the restaurant has become a popular dining destination and hangout spot for students, locals, and tourists of all ages.

Evolving Menu and Expanding Locations

Over the years, Califorian restaurant has evolved and developed its own unique charm. The initially American-inspired menu has expanded to include both European and Turkish dishes. This diverse menu caters to a wide range of tastes, making the restaurant appealing to an even broader audience.

In 2010, Salih opened another Califorian restaurant, Califorian Gold, in Famagusta. He plans to soon open a third location in Kyrenia, ideally situated by the sea.

Serving the Community and Beyond

The kitchens at Califorian restaurants are always bustling. Besides catering to the dine-in guests, they also deliver food to hospitals and universities throughout Northern Cyprus. With a team of over 200 staff members, they handle the job exceptionally well.

Visiting Califorian Restaurant

If you find yourself in Northern Cyprus, don’t miss out on the chance to visit Califorian restaurant. The original Nicosia location can be found at:

Address: Salamis Yolu, Gazimağusa

Whether you’re in the mood for American, European, or Turkish cuisine, Califorian restaurant offers a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a menu full of delicious options.

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Lessons Learned: Adaptation and Expansion

The story of Califorian Restaurant in Northern Cyprus teaches us the importance of adapting to the demands of the local market and the benefits of expanding your business. When Salih Keyim brought the concept of TGI Friday’s to Northern Cyprus, he recognized that there was a demand for such a dining experience in the region. Over the years, the restaurant’s menu has evolved from purely American-inspired dishes to include European and Turkish options, catering to a wider range of tastes and attracting an even more diverse clientele.

Furthermore, the expansion of Califorian Restaurant to multiple locations has allowed the business to reach more people and establish itself as a popular dining destination in the region. As the restaurant continues to grow and serve the community, it highlights the importance of constantly adapting and expanding in order to meet the needs of customers and ensure the success of your business.

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