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Political Shifts on the Horizon in Northern Cyprus

The Democratic Party (DP) in Northern Cyprus is considering leaving the ruling coalition, potentially shifting the region’s political landscape. If the DP exits, the coalition may face instability and legislative challenges as they rely on the unpredictable support of the YDP party.

political tensions northern cyprus

Political Tensions Escalate in Northern Cyprus

Political tensions in Northern Cyprus have escalated after the ‘House Speaker’ accused members of the opposition party CTP of being traitors, leading to a planned meeting between the ruling UBP and opposition CTP leaders. The outcome of this meeting will have significant implications for the unity and governance of Northern Cyprus, as well as the standards of political discourse and respect in the region.

go-karting northern cyprus

Northern Cyprus Karting Experience

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in Northern Cyprus with the best gokart tracks around! Zet Karting in Nicosia boasts the largest track in North Cyprus, while Tazkarts near Kyrenia offers a familyfriendly option. Both tracks prioritize safety and provide onsite amenities, so you can enjoy a fun racing experience with your loved ones. Come and create unforgettable memories with us! NorthernCyprus GoKarting ZetKarting Tazkarts FamilyFriendly ThrillingExperience CreateMemories

dog shows northern cyprus

Northern Cyprus Gears Up for Third Dog Show

🐶 Northern Cyprus Gears Up for Third Dog Show 🐶 Get ready for the first Kyrenia national dog show in Northern Cyprus, organized by the Cyprus Kennel Club in collaboration with the Karaoglanoglu Hunting and Shooting Union. This exciting event allows dog owners to register their furry friends with the Cyprus Kennel Club, giving them the chance to participate in national and international competitions. Don’t miss out on this unique SouthNorth collaboration and the opportunity to showcase your beloved pets. 🏆🐾

paragliding northern cyprus

Experience the Beauty of Northern Cyprus from Above: Paragliding Adventures

Looking for a thrilling way to explore Northern Cyprus’s stunning landscapes? Look no further than tandem paragliding flights! Soar high above the ground, taking in breathtaking views of the coastline, hills, and historic landmarks. If you’re a firsttime paraglider, don’t worry – professional guides will ensure your safety and guide you through the entire process. And for experienced paragliders, you can rent gear and explore on your own terms. Book your adventure today and create memories that will last a lifetime!

northern cyprus agriculture

Guzelyurt: A Hidden Gem in Northern Cyprus

Discover a hidden gem in Northern Cyprus Guzelyurt! This market town is famous for its rich agricultural lands and is especially known for its delicious citrus fruits and strawberries. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peaceful surroundings with its fragrant orange blossoms and golden oranges while attending the annual Orange Festival or exploring the natural history and archaeology museum. Don’t miss out on this unique experience!

temporary residence permit northern cyprus

A Guide to Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Northern Cyprus for Those Under 60

Are you planning to stay in Northern Cyprus for more than 90 days and are under 60? Here’s how to obtain a temporary residence permit in Northern Cyprus. Visit the post office to buy damga pul (stamps), get a “Proof of Living” document from the local Muhtar, and collect all required documents. Then, visit the police station for a requisition form for medical tests, get the required tests, and submit the sealed results and application to the police station. Finally, visit the Lefkosa immigration office to complete the process. Remember to renew the permit annually.

kitesurfing northern cyprus

Kitesurfing: A Popular Sport in Northern Cyprus

Kitesurfing is taking Northern Cyprus by storm, with Aphrodite Airlines being the first school to offer lessons. Established by All Ezak, the school caters to all skill levels and even hosts surf camps for children. With the stable winds creating perfect conditions for surfing, this adrenalinepumping sport is attracting both tourists and locals to the beautiful beaches of Northern Cyprus.

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