Activities of the Limassol Police Department for the Prevention and Suppression of Crime

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The Limassol Police Department’s recent operations aimed at preventing crime resulted in the inspection of 806 individuals and 768 vehicles, leading to four arrests, including two with outstanding warrants. Alongside enforcing traffic safety with 118 complaints and 27 DUIs, the department’s ongoing commitment to public security is evident in their comprehensive efforts to maintain order and safety in Limassol.

What measures has the Limassol Police Department taken to prevent and suppress crime?

The Limassol Police Department conducted targeted operations aimed at preventing crime, involving comprehensive area checks, resulting in the inspection of 806 individuals and 768 vehicles, leading to four arrests. They also enforced traffic safety, with 118 complaints filed, 27 DUIs, and 19 impounded vehicles, reflecting their ongoing commitment to public security.

Targeted Operations in Limassol

In an effort to clamp down on criminal activity within the Limassol province, the Limassol Police Department mobilized its various departments for a series of operations. These operations, spanning from the 5th to the 8th of April, 2024, were precisely engineered to monitor individuals and substances in certain areas recognized as hot spots for criminal behavior. This initiative is a fragment of a broader strategy employed by the Police to thwart crime before it happens.

Comprehensive Area Checks

Throughout Friday night and into the following morning, Police members were thoroughly inspecting various locales across Limassol. In the process, they scrutinized a significant number of individuals and vehicles — 806 and 768 respectively. These checks extended beyond the people and their conveyances, encompassing various substances as well, which are often the linchpin in the wheels of illicit activities.

Arrests and Complaints

The meticulous nature of these checks resulted in the apprehension of four individuals. Among these, two were particularly noteworthy as they had pending arrest warrants. In addition to these arrests, there was a need to file official complaints against four nightclubs. Details on these complaints remain undisclosed, but they underscore the continuous challenges faced by law enforcement.

Traffic Surveillance and Safety Measures

Apart from the focus on criminal activity, traffic checks were also a priority. These checks were integral in the Police’s mission to diminish the occurrence of severe road mishaps and to fortify the overall safety of Limassol’s roads. The results were telling: 118 filed complaints with 27 drivers caught driving under the influence, and 19 vehicles were impounded, reflecting a decisive stance against reckless driving.

Extended Traffic Department Involvement

The Traffic Department of the Headquarters, not to be outdone, ran parallel traffic operations on both highways and secondary roads. Their efforts yielded more than 500 complaints, with a significant portion, 180 to be exact, cited for exceeding speed limits. This goes to show the extent of the challenge that traffic regulation enforcement faces.

Ongoing Commitment to Public Security

These figures and actions only represent a snapshot of the relentless dedication of the Limassol Police Department. The department’s aim is crystal clear – to maintain public order and bolster the citizens’ sense of safety. The message is also clear: the actions to counteract crime and traffic offenses are an ongoing commitment, not limited to a four-day operation but rather a perpetual endeavor.

The Limassol Police Department recently conducted operations to prevent crime by checking 806 individuals and 768 vehicles, resulting in four arrests, including two people with outstanding warrants. They also focused on traffic safety, filing 118 complaints and catching 27 people driving under the influence. This shows their ongoing dedication to keeping Limassol safe and orderly.

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