cross-border law enforcement

escape manhunt

Police Search for Escaped Inmate

Summary: Police are actively searching for an escaped inmate who fled custody during transport. A high alert manhunt is underway, with increased patrols, roadblocks, and K9 units deployed to track the fugitive. Public cooperation is essential, with hotlines and online platforms established for anonymous tips.

crime investigation

Man Arrested Over Pernera Bomb Explosion

A 31yearold suspect has been arrested in connection with a “lowpowered explosive” that damaged a nightclub in Pernera, Paralimni, with no injuries reported. The police’s swift action aims to ensure public safety and maintain confidence among residents and tourists, as investigations continue into the motivation behind the incident.

migrant smuggling law enforcement

Tackling Migrant Smuggling: Cyprus Intensifies Efforts Amid Surge

Cyprus is ramping up efforts to combat migrant smuggling, bolstering police forces and cooperating with Lebanese authorities to address the root issues behind the surge in arrivals. The country is considering using army camps for migrant accommodation and engaging in regional dialogues for a more comprehensive strategy in tackling the challenges posed by migrant smuggling.

crime prevention law enforcement

Activities of the Limassol Police Department for the Prevention and Suppression of Crime

The Limassol Police Department’s recent operations aimed at preventing crime resulted in the inspection of 806 individuals and 768 vehicles, leading to four arrests, including two with outstanding warrants. Alongside enforcing traffic safety with 118 complaints and 27 DUIs, the department’s ongoing commitment to public security is evident in their comprehensive efforts to maintain order and safety in Limassol.

drug trafficking arrests

Major Drug Bust in Larnaca Leads to Multiple Arrests

Authorities in Larnaca conducted a major drug bust resulting in the arrest of a young man and four others for drug possession. The operation was sparked by the discovery of 5.5 kilos of narcotics, leading to a coordinated effort by the Larnaca drug squad to dismantle the drug trade and ensure public safety.

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