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Women-Led Corporations Smashing the Glass Ceiling in North Cyprus. – Özge Falyalı

Whether they are changing the game with innovative concepts or empowering the hoteliers with proven tactics – it all starts here. The enchanting cliffhanger television personality is instrumental in bringing worldwide attention to the boutique hotel sector and a champion for female corporate leadership. With ‘The Business Plan’ that keeps the distinguished Les Ambassadeurs Hotel & Casino successful, this youthful dynamo explains how the corporation and herself stay ahead. As well as the business plan that keeps the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries successful.

We sat down for an exclusive chat with the once aspiring showbusiness personality turned Corporate Leader; CEO Özge Falyalı. She tells us about the day she entered the world of showbiz and the life-changing day she quit being a television personality.

Özge Falyali - Les Ambassadeurs Hotel

– Sometimes the wheels of justice roll smoothly. As someone with vast experience in the TV media arena, I knew I would be the perfect candidate for the new venture that was also about to change the course of my private life.
– It’s important to challenge yourself to do something different, which may feel a little uncomfortable at first.
– Seeking super-effective performance-centric positions, I had spoken to a highly rated national TV Station. Their channel’s PR informed me about the opening for the up-coming anchorage posting. Recommended, I contacted the TV Station about this position because of my strong interest in the field. The TV Channel had been highlighted in front page news.

– After reading articles about the TV Station I became inspired, wanting to seek new opportunities and was happy to discover an opening for the position of TV Presenter. I know I have the skills and experience needed to be a valuable asset on any media marketing team. It’s where I thrive.

Özge Falyali - Les Ambassadeurs Hotel

– Amazingly fortuitous, it was this stack of correspondence, this call, this chance meet-up I was most interested in. It was here the moment of opportunity had arrived and I faced the offer that would change the course of my life. Frankly, I wasn’t sure how I could afford to miss this. I just knew I’d be the perfect fit. One thing led to another and here I am now, reaching out to the moment – destination and mission accomplished. I arrived and the job description fits. Pure success cannot be achieved alone, it is within a collaborative work existence and effort. No one can make it purely on their own however you do need skills to be able to execute the dynamics. I believe every person is able to access this, it’s simply all about mindset.

We ask her how and why she chose a CEO lifestyle, her goals, motivation and what the appeal of entrepreneurship might be.

– On a more personal note, it’s the dynamics of freedom. The drive to lead has to be deeply rooted in your DNA. I don’t have to clock into work at 07:00 and take lunch at 13:00. I can take decisions to opt out of matters I dislike by great delegation procedures I have installed. On a passionate female note I strive for leadership awareness and thankfully as we speak the recognision of women in business is growing. Just 10% of serial entrepreneurs are women and business investments are controlled largely by men – however things are changing for the better.
– From my perspective, the way to get sexism out of businesses is by creating more female leadership roles. We need to recognise the need to get more women into leadership roles. It’s about overcoming the odds against, and for this we must build resilience. We have a moral obligation to ‘stay woke’ – take an active stand. It’s not about getting knocked down, it’s about getting back up again. It’s about competing. Motivation furthered my beliefs into contribution for future development.

Özge Falyali - Les Ambassadeurs Hotel

– My country’s economic growth is paramount to investment. The drive to build an industrious, creative business in the market sector as hoteliers open doors to many opportunities in the tourism sector. Furthermore advanced with the wide scale operation of designing and developing a new Marina venue to Kyrenia City Centre. This displays bold global growth and enterprising business connection to the improvement of business and communication.

– As well as internal opportunities furthering partnerships for diversification, we’re on course for consistency and great hospitality facilities and services. Our competitive endeavours extend to developing a more up-to-speed technology and strategies keeping up with world trends, maximising our global strength to attracting new tourism trends are able to evolve competitively in effective future economical growth, bringing a certain growth in confidence North Cyprus has never seen before.

Özge Falyali - Les Ambassadeurs Hotel

Leading CEOs know how important it is to work on the resilience that organisations will need to master the future with meticulous attention and efforts to meeting the preparation of strategic marketing and precision timing to succeed. As Özge Falyalı’s competitive spirit and vision has risen from the knowledge in a volatile and uncertain environment, leaders need to remain increasingly prepared and focused on building a new type of organisational resilience needed to realise their growth ambitions.

These industry insiders have set themselves apart as some of hospitality’s brightest stars.
Redefining hospitality, philosophy and successful CEO leadership, Les Ambassadeurs Hotel & Casino & Marina is a venue established around a playground of luxury. It takes all the qualities of a serial CEO leader ranking high in quick-thinking skills, vitality, unyielding motivation as well as sheer greatness to collaborative organisation with a strong passion for accomplishment, to run an empire such as this.

Özge Falyali - Les Ambassadeurs Hotel

She outlines how she’s leading the charge by Meeting the Preparation.
– It’s important to ‘meet the preparation’ with vision and great communication. Work just as hard as your colleagues – indeed, harder if you want to get ahead today. Show dedication and that you truly deserve the position. Hard work, long hours and it’s important to pave a path of success starting from the first meeting.

Özge Falyalı teaches meeting participants and coordinators exactly what strategy review meetings are. – To build a resilient organisation creating and sustaining a culture of innovation, rethinking the operating model and rebooting current leadership teams we need delegations and collaboration so we establish a tone of trust adopting a platform based upon a ‘decision-making process. You have to communicate your message.

– Vision isn’t just about predicting the next big thing. That’s a wonderful by-product of vision. And not a reliable one. What people are relying on you for is the ability to survive the inevitable – the masterplan – the buffeting of the future workplace. It’s about foresight to navigating the obstacle and the opportunities.
When it comes to how Özge Falyalı keeps herself motivated, she admits to her drive engine which stems from being a self-fulfilling realist, wife and mother of three children. She is responsible for many altruistic acts and contributes to everything and everywhere humanity is. Betterment is a step by prep process to ensure her country’s future plans of growth.

It’s all about the baseline, the economics, collaboration and the vision to develop a positive new future – applying the ‘energy momentum’ helps to keep her dynamics motivated and flowing.
Contribution is a virtue, good energy is a matter of balance and well-being. This corporation’s professional profile extends beyond a diverse North Cyprus business, it’s about the society culture and sector of growth to the business platform. She believes their corporate core to contribution is of value aiming to continue giving her stern efforts to leave her considerable footprints in many diverse ways of world branding.

Özge Falyali - Les Ambassadeurs Hotel

Leading In Uncertain Times: Thriving Verses Just Surviving
– A leadership team today prioritises huge consideration to building resilience, thus placing organisations under pressure. The CEOs themselves are aware of what’s expected of them. To produce change. Uncertainty stems from our future and the 2020 outlook is ‘thriving versus just surviving’ examining the dynamics and pattern of growth to creating resilient organisations that have what it takes – to grow and thrive to a certain future.

– A large percent of CEO leaders want their employees to feel empowered to gain ‘innovation initiatives’, without worrying about the negative consequences if an initiative fails. A resilient corporation adapts and is ready to move quickly to changing marketplace needs. Embracing continuous learning to improve and protect itself.

– By adapting our organisation to an ever-changing environment, we are shifting the innovation culture by building a resilience necessary to capitalise on possible disturbances, by instilling agility, rebooting management teams, building cyber resilience marketing, transforming the workforce and accelerating fast towards the adoption of advanced collaboration to technology trends and partnership participation.

– Great leaders do not let it get to their head. They realise that agreement and adoration does not constitute infallibility.

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Özge Falyali - Les Ambassadeurs Hotel

Özge Falyali - Les Ambassadeurs Hotel

Özge Falyali - Les Ambassadeurs Hotel

Les Ambassadeurs Hotel Pool area
Les Ambassadeurs Hotel

Les Ambassadeurs Hotel King Suite

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Les Ambassadeurs Casino

Les Ambassadeurs Hotel - Özge Falyali

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