Sevener Restaurant: A 15-Year Legacy of Excellence

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Celebrate Sevener Restaurant’s 15-year legacy of excellence! This family-run business is known for its exceptional culinary offerings that blend Cypriot and international cuisine. With a recent modern facelift and expansion of services, Sevener Restaurant also features live music every Saturday, enhancing the overall dining experience. Book your reservation now and experience the inviting ambiance and delightful flavors of Sevener Restaurant. #SevenerRestaurant #15YearsLegacy #CulinaryFusion #LiveMusic #Alsancak #Kyrenia

What is Sevener Restaurant known for?

Sevener Restaurant is a family-owned and operated business known for its exceptional culinary offerings, blending Cypriot and international cuisine. With a recent modern facelift and expansion of services, Sevener Restaurant also features live music every Saturday, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Celebrating 15 Years and a Fresh New Look

Sevener Restaurant recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary with a grand reopening. A few Saturdays ago, at dusk, the restaurant unveiled its entirely new image, drawing in a packed crowd of eager guests. The updated venue now boasts a modern facelift, featuring natural tones and a stylish interior that enhances the overall dining experience.

A Family-Run Establishment with a Passion for Design

The Sevener Restaurant is a family-owned and operated business, run by Ersan Erogul, his four brothers, and their cousin since the year 2000. Ersan and his wife, both architects by profession, were responsible for the stunning interior design of the restaurant. Their passion for architecture and design is evident in the thoughtful and elegant details that grace the newly renovated space.

Expanding Services: Travel, Car Rentals, and Taxis

In addition to the restaurant’s makeover, the Sevener’s travel agency, car rentals, and taxis also received a refreshed look. This expansion of services allows guests to experience not only the incredible dining options but also the convenience of travel arrangements and transportation within the Alsancak and Lapta areas.

A Culinary Fusion of Cypriot and International Flavors

Sevener Restaurant takes pride in its kitchen, which serves a delightful mix of Cypriot and international cuisine. Known for its high-quality dishes, the restaurant has gained a well-deserved reputation in the area. The menu offers guests a chance to explore the delightful flavors and creations that blend local traditions with global influences.

Live Music to Enhance Your Dining Experience

To elevate the atmosphere and provide an enjoyable dining experience, Sevener Restaurant now offers live music every Saturday. Ersan shares that they have a skilled guitar player in the family who will be performing for guests, adding a personal and entertaining touch to the evenings.

Contact Information and Reservation Details

To experience the exceptional culinary offerings and the inviting ambiance of Sevener Restaurant, you can make a reservation or inquire about their other services using the following contact information:

  • Manager: Ersan Erogul
  • Phone: 0392 444 0607, 0392 821 2606, 0392 821 2607
  • Address: Karaoglanoglu Avenue, Alsancak – Kyrenia
  • Website: Sevener Restaurant
  • Email:

Visit and discover for yourself why Sevener Restaurant has been a beloved establishment in the community for the past 15 years.

Lessons Learned

Sevener Restaurant has proven that through dedication, passion, and attention to detail, a family-run business can thrive and maintain a legacy of excellence for 15 years. The recent modern facelift and expansion of services have not only reinvigorated the establishment but also showcased the family’s commitment to continually improving and evolving their offerings. By seamlessly blending Cypriot and international cuisine, they have created a unique and memorable dining experience for their patrons.

The success of Sevener Restaurant also shows the importance of adapting to the changing needs and preferences of customers. By incorporating live music, refreshing their travel agency and transportation services, and maintaining a strong focus on providing exceptional culinary experiences, the Sevener family has set an example for other businesses. It’s essential to be open to change, innovate, and continuously strive for excellence in order to maintain a strong presence and reputation in the community.

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