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The Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar has announced that the current official population of North Cyprus is 410,000. During his visit to the United Kingdom, Tatar disclosed the population numbers, providing transparency on the demographic statistics for the region and addressing concerns about military intentions.

What is the current population of North Cyprus as announced by Ersin Tatar?

The current official population of North Cyprus, as announced by the Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar, is 410,000. This figure was disclosed during Tatar’s visit to the United Kingdom, offering a transparent view on demographic statistics for the region.

Ersin Tatar’s Statement on Population Growth

In a recent discussion, Ersin Tatar, the Turkish Cypriot Leader, disclosed the official population count of North Cyprus as 410,000. This figure was shared during an interview while Tatar was visiting the United Kingdom, potentially providing clarity on demographic statistics that have been a topic of debate.

Contradicting earlier reticence from his ‘prime minister’ Unal Ustel back in October, who refrained from disclosing population numbers, Tatar’s revelation marks a significant moment in the administrative transparency of the region.

Historical Context of Population Change

Tatar provided context for the population growth by reflecting on the influx of settlers post-1974. He highlighted the natural progression of generations—children and grandchildren—born to those who settled, necessitating the provision of citizenship. “You had to give them citizenship. We did, and we continue to do so,” Tatar noted, acknowledging the evolving demographic landscape.

In comparison, he drew parallels with the Republic of Cyprus. The southern part of the island saw its population rise from under 100,000 before 1878 to a current figure oscillating between 850,000 and 900,000. Tatar attributed this swell to arrivals from Greece, the Aegean Islands, and even the Black Sea region.

Assurances on Military Intentions

During the interview, Tatar also addressed concerns regarding Turkey’s military presence in Cyprus. He was keen to assuage fears, stating unequivocally, “The Turkish army has no eyes on the south.” Citing the recent tensions in Gaza as a backdrop for his assurances, Tatar emphasized the role of the Turkish military as a deterrent rather than an aggressor.

Turkey’s guarantee and the presence of its troops on the island are seen by many, according to Tatar, as a necessary force to maintain peace. He claimed that the prevailing view, possibly held by 99 percent of the public, is that this military presence is vital for deterrence. “Turkish soldiers have no interest in southern Cyprus,” he reiterated, pointing out the absence of conflict on the island for the past 50 years.

The Turkish Cypriot leader’s statements come at a time when the island’s past and future are both being keenly debated. The population metrics, as well as the role of military influence, remain central to discussions about the island’s prospects for unity and peace.

Quick Recap

  • The current official population of North Cyprus is 410,000, as announced by Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar during his visit to the United Kingdom.
  • Tatar’s disclosure of the population numbers aims to provide transparency on demographic statistics and address concerns about military intentions.
  • Tatar’s revelation contradicts the earlier reticence from his ‘prime minister’ Unal Ustel, marking a significant moment in the administrative transparency of the region.
  • Tatar highlighted the influx of settlers post-1974 as a reason for population growth and the necessity of granting citizenship to subsequent generations.
  • Tatar addressed concerns about Turkey’s military presence, assuring that the Turkish army has no intentions in the south and emphasizing its role as a deterrent for peace.

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