Shayna Beach Club & Restaurant: A Coastal Haven in Catalkoy

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If you’re looking for a relaxing spot by the sea, look no further than Shayna Beach Club & Restaurant in Catalkoy. This cozy haven boasts a prime location next to the sandy beach, stunning seaside views, and delicious traditional Cypriot cuisine and seafood. Take advantage of their beach services like sun loungers, parasols, and massages, and enjoy a day of relaxation in this family-friendly spot.

What makes Shayna Beach Club & Restaurant a coastal haven in Catalkoy?

Shayna Beach Club & Restaurant is a coastal haven in Catalkoy due to its prime location next to the sandy beach, stunning seaside views, and cozy atmosphere. Offering a relaxing spot for locals and tourists, Shayna serves traditional Cypriot cuisine and seafood, while providing beach services such as sun loungers, parasols, and even massages.

Ideal Location by the Sea

Nestled in the glittering bay of Catalkoy, Shayna Beach Club & Restaurant boasts a prime location right next to the sandy beach. With its cozy atmosphere and stunning seaside views, it’s no wonder Shayna has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

The Story of Shayna Beach Club

In 2009, Deniz Bardi opened Shayna after working in the restaurant industry since the age of 15. Inspired by his brother’s success in the business, Deniz followed a similar path and took over the site, which was previously a small snack bar with plastic chairs.

Upon taking over, Deniz constructed the main building and transformed the space into a sleek, stylish restaurant complete with a large wooden deck extending out to the water. He also made several modifications to the beach area, adding a jetty, grass, sunbeds, umbrellas, and a beach restaurant.

A Place to Relax and Enjoy Life

Deniz describes Shayna as a “nice and quiet place” where people come to relax, spend time with friends, have a drink, and simply enjoy life. The menu primarily features traditional Cypriot cuisine and seafood, with fish caught fresh daily by local fishermen.

Depending on the catch of the day, Deniz sometimes sources fish from various parts of the island, including G├╝zelyurt in the west and Karpaz in the east. The seafood meze, priced at 55 TL, includes a variety of hot and cold dishes.

Beach and Restaurant Services

The restaurant’s kitchen opens at 10 am, welcoming guests for breakfast. Patrons include local residents, English, Russians, Greek Cypriots, and Scandinavians.

The beach area is open from mid-April to late October, with lifeguards on duty from 9 am to 6 pm. For a 10 TL entrance fee, guests have access to sun loungers, parasols, showers, and changing rooms. Light lunches can be served directly to sunbeds, and Shayna Beach Club even offers massage services, with a 50-minute treatment priced at 80 TL.

Why Choose Shayna Beach Club & Restaurant?

When asked why visitors should choose Shayna Beach Club & Restaurant, Deniz emphasizes the clean and beautiful cove, sheltered from the wind, and the family-friendly atmosphere. With tasty and affordable food served in a stunning environment, Shayna is an ideal spot for a relaxing day by the sea.

Experience the beauty and tranquility of Shayna Beach Club & Restaurant for yourself, and enjoy every moment in this coastal haven.

Lessons Learned:

Shayna Beach Club & Restaurant is a success story that highlights the importance of location, atmosphere, and menu in the food and hospitality industry. The founder, Deniz Bardi, had a vision to transform a small snack bar into a cozy haven that offers traditional Cypriot cuisine, seafood, and beach services.

One of the key lessons learned is that a prime location by the sea can be a significant competitive advantage for a restaurant. Shayna’s location next to the sandy beach and stunning seaside views has made it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Also, the founder’s attention to detail in constructing the main building, wooden deck, jetty, grass, sunbeds, umbrellas, and beach restaurant has created a welcoming environment that attracts people to relax and enjoy life.

Another lesson learned is that serving traditional cuisine and seafood can appeal to a broad range of customers, including locals, English, Russians, Greek Cypriots, and Scandinavians. By sourcing fresh fish daily from local fishermen and occasionally from different parts of the island, Shayna has created a menu that showcases the flavors and culture of Cyprus.

Overall, Shayna Beach Club & Restaurant’s success story teaches us that creating a welcoming atmosphere, offering quality cuisine and services, and leveraging a prime location can lead to a thriving food and hospitality business.

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