Second-Hand Sale: A Thrifty Shopper’s Paradise

second-hand sale 1984 bar

👗👛 Ready for a thrifty shopping adventure? Join the second-hand sale event at 1984 Bar in Lefkosa on Sunday, November 21, from 11 am to 4 pm. Rent a stall or browse items from other vendors, all while enjoying the lively atmosphere of this charming venue. Contact 0548 830 5036 to reserve a space and join the fun! #SecondHandSale #ThriftyShopper #1984Bar #Lefkosa

What is the upcoming second-hand sale event at 1984 Bar in Lefkosa?

The upcoming second-hand sale at 1984 Bar in Lefkosa is a thrifty shopper’s paradise, taking place on a Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. This lively market allows people to exchange and purchase items from each other. To rent a stall, call 0548 830 5036 and join the fun by selling your items and discovering treasures from other vendors.


Every thrifty shopper loves a good second-hand sale, and the upcoming event at 1984 Bar in Lefkosa is just that. The November market brings people together to exchange and purchase items from each other, creating a lively atmosphere for all to enjoy. This article will dive into the details of this event, its location, and how to get involved.

The 1984 Bar: A Charming Venue

Located in the heart of Lefkosa’s old town, the 1984 Bar provides a unique backdrop for this second-hand sale. Opposite the law courts, this bar is easy to find and has become a popular spot for both locals and visitors alike. Its historic surroundings add character to the event, making it an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

When and Where

The second-hand and exchange market will take place on a Sunday, between 11 am and 4 pm. This timing allows for a relaxed, weekend atmosphere where shoppers can take their time browsing and exchanging items.

Renting a Stall: Join the Fun

For those interested in participating as a vendor, renting a stall is a straightforward process. Simply call 0548 830 5036 to reserve a space and become part of this bustling market. By joining as a seller, you can declutter your home while also discovering treasures brought by other participants.

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Need More Information?

For additional details about the second-hand sale or other events in the area, visit New Cyprus Magazine’s website or explore their social media channels for updates. Do not miss this opportunity to engage with your community, find hidden gems, and have a fantastic time at this second-hand and exchange market event.

Lessons Learned

The second-hand sale event at 1984 Bar in Lefkosa provides an excellent opportunity for thrifty shoppers to declutter their homes and discover treasures from other participants. This event serves as a reminder of the importance of sustainable living and recycling. Instead of throwing away items that are still in good condition, they can be sold or exchanged with others who can make use of them. Additionally, events like these promote community engagement and offer a unique way to connect with others who share similar interests.

Furthermore, the article highlights the importance of networking and building relationships with people in the local community. Sophia Söderholm, the editor-in-chief of New Cyprus Magazine, demonstrates how having a diverse set of skills and experiences can be an asset in various professional roles. Her involvement in this event shows how being an active member of the community can lead to new opportunities and connections. Therefore, it is essential to participate in local events to build relationships, gain new experiences, and expand professional networks.

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