Upscale Beachfront Hotel Resort with Spa & Casino: Salamis Bay Conti

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Looking for an upscale beachfront hotel resort with a spa and casino? Look no further than Salamis Bay Conti in North Cyprus! Established in 1974, this luxurious resort offers a private sandy beach, outdoor swimming pools, various leisure activities, and a range of dining options. With continuous renovations and a prime location just 45km from Ercan Airport, Salamis Bay Conti is the perfect destination for your next holiday or wedding.

What are the main features of Salamis Bay Conti Hotel Resort?

Salamis Bay Conti is an upscale beachfront hotel resort in North Cyprus, featuring a spa, casino, and a variety of leisure activities for all ages. Established in 1974, the resort has a private sandy beach, spa and fitness center, outdoor swimming pools, dining venues, and a range of entertainment options. Additionally, it offers services such as car rental, shuttle bus, and taxi service, making it an ideal holiday destination.

Welcome to Salamis Bay Conti, an upscale beachfront hotel resort with spa and casino, located in the heart of Famagusta’s shimmering historical coastal town.

Prime Location in North Cyprus

Salamis beachfront resort is situated on one of the most stunning sandy beach front-line locations in North Cyprus, nestled in an area of outstanding landscape and natural beauty set against a backdrop of forested mountains. Just 45 km from Ercan Airport and 8 km from the historical Famagusta City Centre, Salamis is the key to unlock the perfect holiday destination and wedding venue for North Cyprus.

A Rich History with Continuous Renovations

Established since 1974, the hotel boasts a total indoor area of 65,000 m2 and an outdoor area of 65,000 m2, built for your enjoyment and pleasure. The hotel has continuously been renovated to maintain the highest of standards, with the last renovation in 2018. Come and discover the idyllic resort getaway hosting its own private sandy beach setting with 200m of prime seafront.

Leisure Activities for All Ages

At Salamis Bay Conti, everything has been set up to enjoy essential leisure activities like Rainbow Beach Club, Salamis Club, and many more facilities for the long summer and throughout the year for young and old alike. The resort offers a spa and fitness center, gym, Turkish Hamam, sauna, and steam room. There are amazing outdoor swimming pools, including a main pool, kid’s pool, aqua pool, aqua kid’s pool, and indoor pools for leisurely swimming.

Casino and Entertainment

This fabulous hotel with a casino is set in an atmospheric trophy location. Everyday celebrities, VIPs, and boat lovers flock to Salamis Bay Conti Hotel. Indulge in water sports, nautical activities, and a luxe choice of entertainment ready to delight all holidaying guests.

Dining Venues and Bars

Awaken your senses for a gourmet get-away on the Mediterranean at one of Salamis Bay Conti’s refined restaurants and dining venues. Enjoy the best views of the Mediterranean while indulging in a gourmet adventure. The resort accommodates 574 guest rooms in total, with stunning landscape views.

Salamis Spa & Wellness

Salamis Spa & Wellness offers a variety of services, including indoor jacuzzi swimming pool, kid’s pool, gym, fitness center, sauna, Turkish Bath, beauty, skin and body care center, rest area, massage service, steam bath, pouch and foam. Personal training programs are available from qualified fitness instructors.

Restaurants and Patisserie

Salamis Bay Conti offers a variety of dining options, including Snack Restaurant, Bars, Saluna Patisserie, Selcuk Main Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, and Turquaz Restaurant. Discover varying world cuisines and culinary delights with style.

Hotel Entertainment and Activities

There is so much to discover at Salamis Beach Resort, with on-site activities for entertainment-filled hours and days. Enjoy water gymnastics, table tennis, Zumba, live music performances, professional shows, beach parties, retro bar, foam parties, and a game room.

Additional Services and Amenities

Salamis Bay Conti offers car rental, shuttle bus and taxi service, a market, a library, laundry, nurse and doctor service, mini club and disco, playground, and activity room for children between the ages of 4 and 12. The resort on the Mediterranean Sea is the ideal getaway with suites and rooms.

Excursions and Activities Nearby

Explore photography and museums, kite surfing, cooking classes, diving, surfing, historical village visits, nature walks, yoga in nature, cycling, safari, Mediterranean olive oil tasting, horse riding, go-karting, bazaar tours, and much more.

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Lessons Learned

The success of Salamis Bay Conti as an upscale beachfront hotel resort with a spa and casino highlights the importance of continuous improvement and offering a wide range of amenities and activities for guests. Established in 1974, the resort has continuously renovated its facilities to maintain the highest of standards, ensuring that guests have access to modern and attractive accommodations. The variety of leisure activities, dining venues, and entertainment options cater to different preferences and age groups, making it an appealing destination for a broad range of visitors.

Additionally, the prime location and convenient access to nearby attractions and activities contribute to the overall appeal of Salamis Bay Conti. Situated just 45 km from Ercan Airport and 8 km from Famagusta City Centre, the resort makes it easy for guests to explore the surrounding area and immerse themselves in local culture and history. The resort’s location, nestled in an area of outstanding landscape and natural beauty, adds a unique and unforgettable element to any visit. Overall, the success of Salamis Bay Conti serves as an example of the importance of continuous improvement, diverse offerings, and a prime location for businesses in the hospitality industry.

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