Lidl Cyprus once again named ‘Brand of the Year’

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Lidl Cyprus has once again been named ‘Brand of the Year’ at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards. They were also honored with multiple Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards for their innovative and impactful digital marketing campaigns.

What did Lidl Cyprus achieve at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards?

Lidl Cyprus was honored with the “Brand of the Year” award at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards. Additionally, they received:

  • 2 Gold Awards: For the Lidl Eco Hacks campaign and the LinkedIn #teamLidl initiative.
  • 2 Silver Awards: For the Lidl Stickeez Filter and the Eco Hacks campaign.
  • Multiple Bronze Awards: Including for campaigns like Lidl – Fish & Meat and Our World in Lidl Cyprus.

Lidl’s Triumph at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards

Recently, Lidl Cyprus made headlines with its remarkable performance at the prestigious Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards. The ceremony, a beacon for recognizing the most cutting-edge and impactful strategies in the dynamic digital marketing landscape, saw Lidl Cyprus emerging victorious with the coveted title of “Brand of the Year.”

Dedication to Digital Excellence

This accolade is a testament to Lidl Cyprus’ unwavering commitment to innovation and adaptability in the digital realm. The company has been lauded for its forward-thinking approach to online marketing, launching campaigns that resonate with the ever-evolving needs of the digital consumer. “This recognition reflects the dedication and hard work of all Lidl Cyprus departments with regards digital marketing,” said Vasilis Lagoyiannis, General Manager of Lidl Cyprus. His pride in the team’s perseverance was evident as he elaborated on the significance of digital presence for the success of modern enterprises.

A Myriad of Honors

Lidl Cyprus’ success story did not end with the “Brand of the Year” award. The company was also decorated with an impressive array of accolades across various categories:

  • 2 Gold Awards: Lidl Eco Hacks campaign, celebrated for its excellence on YouTube and effective use of video.
  • Gold Award: The LinkedIn #teamLidl initiative shone in the Best on LinkedIn category.
  • 2 Silver Awards: The innovative Lidl Stickeez Filter and the socially responsible Eco Hacks campaign were acknowledged for their brilliant narrative and strategic prowess.
  • Multiple Bronze Awards: Acknowledging the influence of the Lidl – Fish & Meat Campaign and the Our World in Lidl Cyprus campaign, alongside the creativity of the Lidl Life campaign.

These achievements underscore the company’s dedication to creating a bond with customers that goes beyond conventional marketing, by crafting experiences that engage and inspire.

Engage with Lidl Cyprus Online

Lidl Cyprus invites everyone to connect with their brand through various online platforms, offering a multifaceted digital experience that extends their market presence. Customers can follow their updates and initiatives on a range of websites and social media channels, including:

Continuous Innovation and Pioneering

For Lidl Cyprus, these recognitions are not just accolades to be displayed; they represent an ongoing commitment to the consumer. They signify a promise to perpetually innovate and lead in every sphere, adopting distinguished practices that deliver top-notch products and services, even through their digital marketing efforts.

Quick Recap:

  • Lidl Cyprus has been named ‘Brand of the Year’ at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards.
  • They received 2 Gold Awards, 2 Silver Awards, and multiple Bronze Awards for their digital marketing campaigns.
  • Lidl Cyprus is committed to innovation and adaptability in the digital realm.
  • They were honored for campaigns like Lidl Eco Hacks, LinkedIn #teamLidl, Lidl Stickeez Filter, Lidl – Fish & Meat, and Our World in Lidl Cyprus.
  • Lidl Cyprus invites customers to engage with their brand through various online platforms.

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