Kastro Restaurant: A Gem in Pissouri

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Kastro Restaurant in Pissouri is a hidden gem known for its traditional Cypriot hospitality, fish dishes, and beautiful beachside location. With its scenic views, exquisite architecture, and delectable menu, it’s a must-visit for anyone looking for a perfect winter day escape.

What makes Kastro Restaurant in Pissouri a notable dining destination?

Kastro Restaurant is a family-run gem in Pissouri known for its traditional Cypriot hospitality and a menu rich with fish dishes. Situated close to the beach, it offers a charming atmosphere with scenic views and exquisite architecture. The restaurant’s garlic bread, prawn saganaki, moussaka, and airy cheesecake are highlights, making it a must-visit for a perfect winter day escape.

Pissouri’s Out-of-Season Charm

While the bustling summer crowds flock to Pissouri for its vibrant beach life, there’s a secret charm to visiting during the quieter months. The landscape reveals a serene beauty, undisturbed by the usual tourist bustle. It’s a time when the true essence of this coastal village comes to light, and a leisurely drive along the highway reveals Pissouri’s hidden treasures.

A Hidden Culinary Delight

Nestled close to the beach, Kastro Restaurant is one such treasure. Its proximity to the sea and the beautiful stone architecture of its building contribute to its unique allure. Though it might be easy to miss while exploring Pissouri Bay due to its discreet location, the search is worth the effort. Despite some new constructions partially obscuring the view, the restaurant still boasts a terrace that presents an idyllic setting for dining out.

Family Touch and Varied Menu

Kastro is more than just a restaurant; it’s a family-run establishment that exudes traditional Cypriot hospitality. With a menu that showcases an array of fish dishes, it caters to an extensive range of palates. For those who appreciate Cypriot cuisine, Kastro offers a culinary experience that might even inspire attempts to recreate their dishes at home.

A Flavourful Commencement

Regular patrons advised against ordering starters, mentioning the customary offering of garlic bread. However, the temptation to indulge in a Prawn Saganaki was too great to resist. The dish was not only flavourful but also generous with its prawn servings – a commendable feature that sets it apart.

Mains to Remember

The wisdom of our friends’ advice became apparent as we were already satiated by the garlic bread. Still, we ventured into the main courses. The Moussaka was notably substantial, with one of our companions reserving it ahead of time to ensure availability. Other dishes like the Sea Bream and Chicken Kebab were equally memorable, with portion sizes reflecting the dish quality. Accompaniments of salad, chips, and vegetables rounded out the meal, filling the table with an abundance of food.

Sweet Endings

Dessert was a triumph, with options like Cheesecake and Apple Pie concluding the experience on a high note. The cheesecake was particularly notable for its airy, cloud-like texture.

A Bustling Atmosphere

Contrary to expectations of a quiet Sunday evening, the restaurant’s popularity was clear with a full house. Booking ahead was a wise decision. The staff’s friendly and professional demeanor contributed to the overall positive experience.

A Winning Combination

With a mix of delectable food, scenic views, and exquisite architecture, Kastro Restaurant stands out as a must-visit destination. An outing here, paired with a walk along the bay, makes for a perfect winter day escape.

Visiting Kastro


  • Cypriot Cuisine
  • Fish Dishes


  • Situated at Ampelonon 73, just a stone’s throw from the beach.

Operating Hours

  • Open from Friday to Wednesday, with lunch served between 12-4pm and dinner from 6-9pm. Reservations are essential to secure a table.

Contact and Pricing

– For inquiries, Kastro can be reached at the phone number 25 222 211. Main courses begin at €16.50, providing a range of options to fit various budgets.

Quick Recap

  • Kastro Restaurant in Pissouri is known for its traditional Cypriot hospitality, fish dishes, and beautiful beachside location.
  • Visiting Pissouri during the quieter months reveals its serene beauty and hidden treasures.
  • Kastro Restaurant is nestled close to the beach with a unique allure and a terrace for dining out.
  • Kastro is a family-run establishment with a menu rich in fish dishes, catering to a variety of palates.
  • The restaurant offers flavorful starters like garlic bread and main courses including moussaka, sea bream, and chicken kebab.

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