Healing in Nature: Israeli Festival Survivors Find Peace in Cyprus

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Israeli festival attack survivors have found solace at the Secret Forest retreat in Cyprus, where they engage in yoga, therapy, hikes, and meditation to process trauma and foster self-acceptance. This serene sanctuary, operated by entrepreneur Yoni Kahana and supported by IsraAID and an Israeli NGO, provides a space for survivors to reclaim their lives and embrace hope amidst the beauty of nature.

How are Israeli festival attack survivors finding peace in Cyprus?

Israeli festival attack survivors find peace at the Secret Forest retreat in Cyprus, enjoying yoga, therapy, hikes, and meditation. The tranquil environment and art therapy help them process trauma, form hope-filled narratives, and foster self-acceptance, away from past violence.

Finding Solace Amidst Nature

In the heart of Cyprus’ verdant mountainous forests, a group of individuals gather, united by a shared harrowing experience—the traumatic events of a music festival in Israel. On October 7th, a celebration turned into a scene of violence when militants attacked, leaving deep emotional scars on those who survived. Now, they seek a path to recovery, away from the reminders of that fateful night.

A Sanctuary for the Wounded

The serene landscape of Cyprus has become a refuge for these souls, where the Secret Forest retreat offers a peaceful enclave. Here, Matan Madar, 23, is amongst the survivors, grappling with the loss of friends and the haunting echoes of the past. His aim is simple yet profound—to quieten the cries that resonate in his memory.

Dor Rahamim, 28, seeks to quell a persistent nervousness that shadows his every moment. Seated on the floor, back against the wall, he describes his need for vigilance, a constant scanning of his surroundings to assure himself of safety.

Neta Cohen’s pursuit is of a life lived wholly and authentically. Her experience at the festival has imparted a stark realization of life’s fragility, inspiring her to reject the pursuit of external validation.

The Retreat’s Offerings

The retreat, operated by Israeli entrepreneur Yoni Kahana, provides these survivors with a sanctuary at no cost. In partnership with IsraAID and an Israeli NGO, the retreat’s program includes yoga, therapy sessions, hikes, and meditation. Volunteer therapists, numbering up to 20, dedicate their time to aid in the healing process. More than 1,800 Israelis have embraced this opportunity, seeking the tools to reclaim their lives.

Art as a Vessel for Healing

The retreat also incorporates art therapy, a medium through which survivors like Rahamim can externalize their inner turmoil. Lilach Galkin, a therapist, explains the symbolic use of colors—red, white, and black—representing the spectrum of trauma. Yet, amidst these colors, symbols of hope such as sunrays, rainbows, and flowers begin to emerge on the canvas.

Cohen is crafting a collage that speaks to the essence of self-acceptance. It features a social media image devoid of “likes,” challenging the pervasive need for online approval.

The Journey Forward

In this tranquil setting, the survivors of the Nova festival tragedy embark on individual journeys of recovery. Each day brings with it the promise of peace and the potential for new beginnings. They practice, reflect, and create—slowly weaving threads of hope into the tapestry of their lives.

Amidst the cypress trees and the mountain breeze, they find a reprieve from their memories, a chance to breathe and heal. Here, in the embrace of nature and the compassion of strangers, the path to healing seems a little less daunting.

Quick Recap:

  • Israeli festival attack survivors find peace at the Secret Forest retreat in Cyprus, engaging in activities such as yoga, therapy, hikes, and meditation.
  • The retreat provides a tranquil environment for survivors to process trauma, foster self-acceptance, and form hope-filled narratives.
  • The program is operated by Israeli entrepreneur Yoni Kahana, supported by IsraAID and an Israeli NGO.
  • Art therapy is used as a medium for survivors to externalize their inner turmoil and find healing.
  • The survivors embark on individual journeys of recovery, finding solace and healing amidst nature and the support of others.

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