Festive Fun at the ETKO Christmas Market

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The ETKO Christmas Market in Limassol is a winter wonderland filled with festive activities for all ages. From unique gifts at the Gift Market to meeting Santa Claus and enjoying live performances, there’s something for everyone. Indulge in European-inspired food and drinks at the food court, and don’t forget that children under 12 can enter for free. Join in the magic and create unforgettable Christmas memories at this enchanting event.

What can you expect at the ETKO Christmas Market in Limassol?

  • Enjoy a winter wonderland with activities for all ages across two weekends: 16-17 & 23-24 December.
  • Witness innovative Christmas trees and shop for unique gifts at the Gift Market.
  • Magical experiences including meeting Santa Claus and enjoying live performances.
  • Indulge in festive foods and drinks at the European-inspired food court.
  • Free entry for children under 12, with details available online.

A Seasonal Spectacle Spanning Two Weekends

Limassol is set to sparkle with festive spirit as the ETKO Christmas Market rolls into town for not one, but two action-packed weekends. The seasonal extravaganza will commence on the 16th and 17th of December, followed by an encore on the 23rd and 24th. ETKO will be transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with a myriad of activities designed to delight visitors of all ages.

From families seeking some holiday cheer to solo explorers eager to soak up the Christmas atmosphere, there’s something for everyone. As you meander through the market, you’ll find a variety of entertaining events, including live theatrical performances that are sure to captivate, and a cozy Christmas movie cinema for those ready to indulge in festive film favorites.

Unconventional Trees and Heartwarming Gifts

A special feature of the market is an alley furnished with innovative Christmas trees. Local leading companies have put their creative flair to the test, crafting these trees in unique, eye-catching forms. These unconventional arboreal artworks will undoubtedly be a talking point amongst visitors, showcasing the inventive spirit of Cyprus’s business community.

In search of the perfect Christmas gift? Look no further than the Gift Market, which beckons with a selection of handmade treasures. From whimsical decorations to traditional Cypriot sweets and pastries, artisans from across the island have come together to offer gifts imbued with personal touch and cultural charm.

Magical Moments and Culinary Delights

Children will be thrilled to discover the magic of the season brought to life, with opportunities to meet Santa Claus himself and send Christmas letters in a specially designated area, fostering the timeless tradition of holiday correspondence. Meanwhile, magicians will roam the grounds, enchanting visitors with their spellbinding tricks, and thematic photo opportunities will capture the joyous moments for posterity.

For those with a penchant for culinary exploration, a food court inspired by the rich traditions of European Christmas markets awaits. Savor the warmth of mouth-watering dishes and the comforting clink of festive drinks, all designed to keep the chill at bay and spirits high.

Details at Your Fingertips

Ensuring a smooth and accessible experience for all, the ETKO Christmas Market is free for children under 12, making it a family-friendly destination. For those planning their visit, information about opening hours and tickets can be easily found online. The doors will open from 4 pm to 10 pm, offering ample time to enjoy the festivities.

In the spirit of togetherness and celebration, the market’s organizers extend an open invitation: “Come one, come all, and partake in the magic of this enchanting Christmas event. Let’s make unforgettable Christmas memories together!” As the holidays approach, the ETKO Christmas Market stands as a beacon of communal joy and a testament to the enchanting power of the season.

1. What are the dates of the ETKO Christmas Market in Limassol?

The ETKO Christmas Market in Limassol will take place across two weekends: December 16-17 and December 23-24.

2. What can I expect to find at the Gift Market?

The Gift Market at the ETKO Christmas Market offers a selection of handmade treasures, including whimsical decorations, traditional Cypriot sweets and pastries, and other unique gifts.

3. Are there any activities for children at the ETKO Christmas Market?

Yes, there are several activities for children at the ETKO Christmas Market. They can meet Santa Claus, send Christmas letters in a designated area, enjoy thematic photo opportunities, and witness magical performances by roaming magicians.

4. Is there an admission fee for children?

No, children under the age of 12 can enter the ETKO Christmas Market for free.

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