Birol Petrol: A Trusted Petrol Station in Famagusta

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Looking for a reliable petrol station in Famagusta? Look no further than Birol Petrol! A family-owned K-Pet station since 1979, it offers fuel services, an automatic car wash, and can even help with car rental arrangements. Conveniently located on the city’s busiest main road and open 24/7, Birol Petrol provides top-notch service to residents and visitors alike. Check out their website for more information.

What is Birol Petrol and what services do they offer?

Birol Petrol is a family-owned K-Pet petrol station in Famagusta, with a history dating back to 1979. Located on the city’s busiest main road, it offers fuel services, an automatic car wash, and assistance with car rental arrangements. Open 24/7, it provides convenience and reliable service to residents and visitors.

A Family-Owned Petrol Station with History

Birol Petrol has a long-standing history of providing gasoline to the residents of Famagusta. The business, now a K-Pet station, was purchased by the owner, Cemal Osur’s father, back in 1979. The name “Birol” comes from Cemal’s mother, and since 2005, Cemal has been in charge of running the station—one of the largest in Famagusta.

Convenient Location and Services

Located along the city’s busiest main road, Birol Petrol serves as a natural stop for passing cars. Like other petrol stations in North Cyprus, customers can comfortably remain seated in their vehicles while attendants refuel their cars.

During our visit, we witnessed five brand new cars arriving to be fueled after being unloaded at the port. Cemal knows many of his customers and enjoys the social aspect of his job, meeting various people throughout the day.

Additional Amenities

Besides fuel, Birol Petrol offers an automatic car wash and other services. The petrol station can also assist customers with car rental arrangements.

Current Gasoline Prices

As of the date of this article, gasoline prices in North Cyprus are as follows:

  • Unleaded 95: 3.41 TL
  • Unleaded 98: 3.61 TL
  • Euro Diesel: 3.29 TL

Operating Hours

Birol Petrol is open 24/7, providing convenience and reliable service to Famagusta residents and visitors alike.

For more information, visit Birol Petrol’s website at

Lessons Learned

The Importance of Trust and Reliability

Birol Petrol’s success and longevity, dating back to 1979, demonstrate the value of building trust and providing consistent, reliable service to customers. As a family-owned business, Birol Petrol has established a strong reputation in Famagusta, making it a top choice for residents and visitors alike. When looking to build and maintain a successful business, it is essential to prioritize customer satisfaction and create a sense of reliability.

Adapting to Customer Needs and Convenience

Birol Petrol’s 24/7 operating hours and range of services, including fuel, automatic car wash, and car rental assistance, show the importance of adapting to customer needs and offering convenience. By providing a one-stop-shop for various vehicle-related requirements, Birol Petrol has built a loyal customer base and become a natural choice for those passing by on the city’s busiest main road. To succeed in today’s competitive business environment, it is crucial to continually adapt to customers’ changing needs and provide services that make their lives more convenient.

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