Arrest of Two Individuals in Limassol for Drug Offenses

drug possession intent to supply

In Limassol, two individuals were arrested for drug possession and intent to supply, including cocaine, methamphetamine, and cannabis found in their vehicle during a police stop. The suspects, aged 56 and 17, are detained for further investigation on drug trafficking, potential money laundering, and traffic offenses.

What were the details of the recent drug arrests in Limassol?

In Limassol, two individuals were arrested for drug possession and intent to supply. The police found narcotics concealed in their vehicle during a stop and search operation. They seized cocaine, methamphetamine, and cannabis, and both suspects were detained for further investigation regarding drug trafficking and potential money laundering. Traffic offenses were also identified.

In a recent operation, the Limassol police force successfully apprehended two individuals on charges related to drug possession and intent to supply. The suspects, ages 56 and 17, are currently under investigation by the authorities.

Details of the Incident

At approximately 1:15 am, members of the Limassol Crime Prevention Unit conducted a stop and search routine on a vehicle driven by the 56-year-old suspect, with the 17-year-old accompanying as a passenger. The inspection led to an unexpected discovery of illegal substances concealed within the car.

Initial Discovery of Narcotics

Upon stopping the vehicle, the police officers were handed two nylon bags by the 56-year-old driver. These bags, which were cleverly hidden in a compartment under the steering wheel, contained two different substances. One bag held cannabis, while the other contained what was suspected to be methamphetamine—a powerful and highly addictive stimulant.

Further Search Reveals More

The thorough search extended beyond the initial findings, as the Crime Prevention Unit uncovered an additional ten nylon packages and five bags suspected of holding cocaine. The inspection also involved a personal search of the 17-year-old, during which €260 in cash was found. The explanations given for the possession of this money were deemed unsatisfactory by the authorities.

Arrest and Charges

Both individuals were arrested on the scene for immediate offenses and were subsequently escorted to the offices of the Drug Enforcement Agency (YKAN). There, the total weight of the narcotics was ascertained, amounting to 7.9 grams of cocaine, 0.74 grams of methamphetamine, and 1.23 grams of cannabis.

Legal Proceedings

The following morning, the district court of Limassol held a hearing to issue detention orders for the two suspects. Facing charges for the illegal possession of drugs with the intent to supply and potential money laundering from illegal activities, both the 56-year-old and the 17-year-old were granted six-day detention orders to facilitate the ongoing investigation.

Traffic Offenses Complicate Matters

In addition to the drug-related charges, the 56-year-old suspect is facing scrutiny for severe traffic violations. At the time of the police interception, the suspect was found to be operating the vehicle without valid insurance, a valid Vehicle Inspection Certificate (MOT), and without a proper driving license. To compound matters, the vehicle was listed as immobilized by the Department of Road Transport (TOM). Additionally, a preliminary drug test conducted on the suspect returned positive, prompting further investigation into possible drug-influenced driving.

Continued Investigations

The YKAN (Limassol District Unit) in collaboration with the Traffic Police in Limassol are persisting with their examinations into the case. The ongoing investigations aim to unravel the full scope of the illegal activities and determine any additional parties that may be involved.

The authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to combat drug-related offenses and uphold the law. The arrest serves as a reminder of the constant threat posed by drug trafficking and the importance of law enforcement in maintaining public safety.

Two people in Limassol were arrested because the police found drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, and cannabis in their car during a stop. The suspects, one 56 years old and the other 17 years old, are being investigated for drug trafficking, money laundering, and traffic violations. The authorities are working to uncover more information about the case and any other people involved.

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