Alexandra Attalides Aligns with Volt Cyprus

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Alexandra Attalides has joined Volt Cyprus to advocate for modernity, combat corruption, and counter far-right ideologies. She aims to resolve the Cyprus issue using innovative methods, integrate ordinary people into the democratic process, and achieve social justice within economic stability while prioritizing human rights and environmental stewardship.

Why did Alexandra Attalides join Volt Cyprus?

Alexandra Attalides joined Volt Cyprus to promote modernity, combat corruption, and counter far-right ideologies. She seeks to resolve the Cyprus issue with innovative methods and integrate ordinary people into the democratic process. Attalides aims to achieve social justice within economic stability and ensure sustainable development with a focus on human rights and environmental stewardship.

A New Chapter in Cypriot Politics

In a notable shift within the political landscape of Cyprus, former member of the Green Party, MP Alexandra Attalides has made a decisive move. On a Monday that marked a fresh start in her political career, Attalides openly declared her allegiance to the Volt Cyprus party. This announcement was not isolated; it came just one day subsequent to the re-election of Giorgos Perdikis as the leader of her former party.

A Vision for Modernization and Unity

The reasons behind Attalides’s departure from the Green Party last October stem from her concerns over the party’s stance on the crucial Cyprus issue and a perceived disconnect with other European green factions. With her eyes set firmly on the horizon, she has voiced her ambition to steer the state towards modernity, battle corruption, and confront the growing influence of far-right ideologies.

Her commitment remains unwavering as she seeks to build a better and more united Cyprus, amplifying voices in society that long for their will to be faithfully represented in the halls of power.

Addressing Challenges Head-On

Attalides is acutely aware of the daunting challenges ahead, such as climate change and migration, and the persistent thorn of corruption. The unresolved nature of the Cyprus issue and the troubling ascent of the far right pose additional hurdles. She advocates that these issues cannot be resolved with antiquated methods but require innovative approaches.

In her view, engaging ordinary people in the democratic process is a paramount challenge. She links the crises of economy, environment, and societal values to years of imprudent actions, including poor political appointments and a reluctance to implement long-overdue reforms.

The Path to Social Justice and Stability

Emphasizing the need for social justice, Attalides underlines the importance of achieving this within a framework of economic stability and progress. She criticizes populist politics that perpetuate deadlocks and calls for a political confrontation of racist rhetoric that stirs social unrest and leads the country down a perilous path.

Under her vision, Cyprus would exhibit zero tolerance for pervasive political corruption, pursue reforms for sustainable development, and fortify the rule of law to enhance the quality of life for all citizens. She condemns the neglect of citizen impoverishment due to inflation and stagnant wages. In her plea, she argues against development that compromises the environment and imposes undue burdens on the generations to come.

Empowering Voices for Real Change

Drawing from years of activism, Attalides believes that genuine change can only happen when the public voice resonates through the corridors of power. Her decision to join Volt Cyprus is anchored in the party’s values of public welfare and dignity, human rights, and environmental stewardship.

Volt Cyprus stands out to her as a European party, infused with youthful vigor, modern ideas, and structures, all resonating with her goals and vision for both Cyprus and Europe at large.

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