First Cobalt Air flights coming soon

Cobalt Air chairman Gregory Diakou says the new Cypriot airliner will begin flights in June and will ‘surprise everyone’ once it unveils its planned routes which include the US, Africa, India and China.

Speaking to state radio on Wednesday morning, Diakou called on the government to embrace the new airline which he says will offer great investment opportunities for Cyprus and will offer people on the island far away destinations.

“We are in the final stages of launching our first flight and we are in constant contact with the Cyprus Civil Aviation (CCA). The planes will be arriving at the end of the month (March) and we plan to begin our first flight routes between the end of May and the beginning of June.”

“Our first flights will be to five destinations in the United Kingdom as well as to destinations in Greece, Israel and hopefully Iran very soon. We have some very ambitious plans for the future including flights to the United States, Africa, India, China and Russia. We will surprise everyone with what we have planned and people in Cyprus will really benefit. Our plans are ambitious and we expect a big, positive impact in our tourism sector.”

Cobalt Air flying soon

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