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Cobalt Air: Cyprus’ New Airline Set to Launch in June

Cobalt Air, a new Cypriot airline launched by chairman Gregory Diakou, is set to begin flights in June. The airline will initially cater to destinations in the United Kingdom, Greece, and Israel, with plans to expand operations to the United States, Africa, India, China, and Russia in the future. Cobalt Air presents significant investment opportunities for Cyprus and aims to offer island residents access to farflung destinations, expanding their travel possibilities. With ambitious plans for the future, Cobalt Air is poised to redefine Cyprus’ aviation landscape.

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Discover North Cyprus with Easy Rent-A-Car

🌟 Discover North Cyprus with Easy RentACar 🚗 Welcome to Kyrenia, the magical old harbour town in North Cyprus. Your journey begins here, with Easy RentACar. Your ticket to discover, explore, and immerse yourself in the culture, history, and natural beauty of this Mediterranean gem.

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St. Hilarion Castle: A Fairytale Fortress in Northern Cyprus

Step into a fairytale at St. Hilarion Castle in Northern Cyprus 🏰 This fortress, believed to have inspired Snow White’s castle, is perched high up on the Five Finger Mountain range. Built to defend the island against pirates, the wellpreserved ruins offer stunning views of the landscape below. Wear comfy shoes and visit in the afternoon for a magical experience ✨ Don’t forget to check out some nearby attractions like Eminem’s summer terrace and KAR’s cat fetching day 🐱

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About Sophia Söderholm: A Passion for Real Estate and North Cyprus

Meet Sophia Söderholm, a real estate agent with a passion for North Cyprus. Originally from Sweden, Sophia has explored many corners of the world before settling in North Cyprus in 2013. With her diverse educational background and knowledge of the local market, she has become a successful agent. She is also the editorinchief for the New Cyprus Magazine, sharing her love for the island’s culture, events, and lifestyle. Get in touch with Sophia to discover the beauty and charm of North Cyprus.

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