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Cyprus’ Romantic Allure: A Haven for Lovers and History Buffs Alike

Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, captivates lovers and history enthusiasts with its mythical connection to the goddess of love, historical landmarks like the Rock of Aphrodite, and the allure of royal weddings. With a blend of mythology, history, and natural beauty, Cyprus promises an enchanting experience steeped in love’s legacy that lingers long after the journey ends.

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Cobalt Air: Cyprus’ New Airline Set to Launch in June

Cobalt Air, a new Cypriot airline launched by chairman Gregory Diakou, is set to begin flights in June. The airline will initially cater to destinations in the United Kingdom, Greece, and Israel, with plans to expand operations to the United States, Africa, India, China, and Russia in the future. Cobalt Air presents significant investment opportunities for Cyprus and aims to offer island residents access to farflung destinations, expanding their travel possibilities. With ambitious plans for the future, Cobalt Air is poised to redefine Cyprus’ aviation landscape.

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Kitesurfing: A Popular Sport in Northern Cyprus

Kitesurfing is taking Northern Cyprus by storm, with Aphrodite Airlines being the first school to offer lessons. Established by All Ezak, the school caters to all skill levels and even hosts surf camps for children. With the stable winds creating perfect conditions for surfing, this adrenalinepumping sport is attracting both tourists and locals to the beautiful beaches of Northern Cyprus.

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