A Comprehensive Guide to Pet Care in North Cyprus: The Pet Kingdom

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Looking for top-notch pet care services in North Cyprus? Look no further than Pet Kingdom in Ozanköy! Owned and run by experienced veterinarian Hekim Selim Özhuy, the clinic offers a wide range of services, including general check-ups, specialized medical procedures, dental care, and eye care, backed by advanced technology. Plus, Selim is passionate about promoting animal welfare and offers free services for stray cats and dogs. Follow his Facebook page for seasonal tips and advice, and don’t forget to use the code “1001” for a 10% discount on pet accessories!

What services and facilities does Pet Kingdom in North Cyprus offer?

Pet Kingdom in North Cyprus offers a range of services for pets, including general check-ups, specialized medical procedures, dental care, and eye care. The clinic is equipped with advanced technology such as X-ray, ultrasound, and blood pressure monitoring equipment. They also provide vaccinations, tick and flea treatments, and monthly deworming tablets for both dogs and cats.

Discover the Pet Kingdom

As a pet owner looking for a trustworthy place to take your four-legged furry friend when in need, Pet Kingdom in Ozanköy is the perfect place for you. Owned and run by experienced veterinarian Hekim Selim Özhuy, the clinic opened in 2011, and has since been providing top-notch care and services to pets in North Cyprus.

Pet Kingdom is part of the company Vitre LTD, which consists of three eye specialists and two veterinary clinics within the region. Selim has been a certified veterinarian since 2004, with a passion for animals that started at a young age.

Services and Facilities

Selim’s biggest customer group is dogs, but he welcomes all pets to his clinic. Every treatment an animal might need can be provided here, from general check-ups to specialized medical procedures. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including an X-ray room, a surgery room with ultrasound and blood pressure monitoring equipment, and a microscope with x100 magnification.

The clinic also offers dental equipment like LED light for tooth and canal filling, ultrasonic scanner for teeth cleaning, and even eye transfer and cataract surgery for animals, thanks to its specialization in eye care.

To assist him in the important task of taking care of sick animals, Selim works with fellow veterinarian Mustafa and some assistants. He also receives international volunteers who gain experience while helping him at the clinic.

Promoting Animal Welfare

Selim encourages his volunteers to find stray animals in need and helps them without any charge. Every year, he neuters around 50 dogs and 70 cats completely free. He believes that if every clinic in Cyprus did this, the issue of street animals would be mitigated.

Most of his clients are local, but the clinic’s English-speaking staff has started to attract English-speaking expats as well.

Seasonal Tips and Advice

Selim advises pet owners to be aware of seasonal concerns like caterpillars and recommends vaccinating dogs against kennel cough. Due to Cyprus’ warm and humid climate, he also suggests ticks, flea treatment, and deworming tablets once a month for both dogs and cats. Pet owners can follow his Facebook page for updates on potential diseases and other pet care tips.

Pet Accessories and Discounts

Pet accessories can be purchased at the clinic, along with a wide range of Italian dog and cat foods not found anywhere else in North Cyprus. By providing the code “1001,” customers can receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

Emergency Services and Contact

For emergency cases, Selim can be reached on his mobile phone 24/7 every day, and an ambulance service is always on hand. To contact Pet Kingdom, call +90 392 366 9889 or visit their Facebook page.

The clinic is located at Bülent Ecevit Caddesi Lüfer Sokak No:2 Girne (opposite China Bazaar). See map below for directions.

Lessons Learned: Promoting Animal Welfare and Adapting to Local Needs

This article highlights the importance of promoting animal welfare and providing accessible, high-quality pet care services in North Cyprus. Pet Kingdom, owned by veterinarian Hekim Selim Özhuy, demonstrates how a clinic can offer a wide range of services and facilities for pets while also supporting local strays and promoting responsible pet ownership.

One crucial takeaway from this story is the significance of addressing local issues and adapting services accordingly. In the case of North Cyprus, Selim focuses on neutering stray animals and educating pet owners about seasonal concerns, such as caterpillars and the importance of regular tick and flea treatments. Additionally, by offering English-speaking services, the clinic is able to cater to the growing expat community. By understanding and catering to the unique needs of the local community, businesses like Pet Kingdom can thrive and make a meaningful impact on promoting responsible pet care and animal welfare.

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