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Greens Slam Police Inaction Over Poisoned Animals

The Green Party is calling out the police in Maroni for their inaction regarding the poisoning of local animals, including cats, a dog, and hedgehogs. They demand dedicated animal welfare authorities to ensure justice and prevent future incidents to protect the community and its furry residents.

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Two Arrested for Killing Lambs

In Famagusta, two individuals were arrested for illegally slaughtering lambs near Famagusta lake. The suspects were found with 40 live and 10 dead lambs, lacking proper identification, during a crackdown on unlicensed meat processing, raising concerns about animal welfare and food safety.

animal welfare community involvement

Nicosia Dog Shelter to Expand

The Nicosia municipalities are planning to expand the dog shelter in Paliometocho to improve care for stray dogs. Securing a new plot and upgrading facilities are part of the initiative, showcasing a commitment to animal welfare and a collaborative effort to address the rising stray population in the area.

animal welfare community solidarity

The Tragic Plight of Cyprus’s Feral Cats

The community in Cyprus is rallying together to address the heartbreaking feral cat poisoning crisis, showing compassion for the affected animals and seeking justice for the perpetrators. Through education and advocacy efforts, they aim to prevent future incidents and promote a culture of kindness towards all living beings on the stunning island of Cyprus.

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The Plight of Cyprus’ Larger Dog Breeds

Rescue & Rehome Cyprus, founded by Graham Shackleton, is on a mission to care for and rehome abandoned larger dog breeds in Cyprus, such as Pit Bulls and Huskies. Despite facing challenges like a lack of volunteers, the shelter prioritizes extensive training and socialization for each dog to ensure they are ready for adoption into loving homes.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Pet Care in North Cyprus: The Pet Kingdom

Looking for topnotch pet care services in North Cyprus? Look no further than Pet Kingdom in Ozanköy! Owned and run by experienced veterinarian Hekim Selim Özhuy, the clinic offers a wide range of services, including general checkups, specialized medical procedures, dental care, and eye care, backed by advanced technology. Plus, Selim is passionate about promoting animal welfare and offers free services for stray cats and dogs. Follow his Facebook page for seasonal tips and advice, and don’t forget to use the code “1001” for a 10% discount on pet accessories!

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