Enn Store: A Haven for Quality Furniture and Home Decor

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Enn Store is a haven for quality furniture and home decor, offering a wide range of styles to suit individual preferences. From indoor and outdoor furniture to lighting fixtures, carpets, and art pieces, they have it all. What sets them apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction, offering custom-made solutions to personalize your shopping experience. With two conveniently located outlets in North Cyprus, Enn Store is not just a furniture store, but an active participant in the local community, supporting various events and causes. Step into Enn Store and step into a world of great design and quality.

What is Enn Store known for?

Enn Store is known for its quality furniture and home decor that encompass a range of styles. The store offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting fixtures, carpets, and art pieces. They also provide custom-made solutions where size, color, and design can be modified to suit individual preferences. The store is committed to customer satisfaction and contributes to local community events and causes. All furniture comes with a minimum two-year guarantee.

Enn Store stands as a beacon of quality, attention to detail, and a symphony of styles. It’s a place where industrial meets rustic, modern merges with classic chic, and the heartbeat of great design pulsates throughout.

Furniture for Every Room and Every Style

Step into any of Enn Store’s three-floor showrooms and be prepared to be inspired. From all corners of the globe, they’ve brought together an impressive array of furniture and home accessories. Living rooms come alive with their selection of sofas, tables, and TV benches. Transcending the ordinary, they also offer luxurious beds and mattresses, as well as artistic accessories for your living spaces.

The offerings do not stop at indoor furniture. The store also offers a range of fire cabins, art pieces, lighting fixtures, carpets, decorative glassware, dinner tables, office furniture, and outdoor furniture. It’s a place where every room in your house can find its matching piece, and every corner can tell its own story.

More Than Just a Furniture Store

At Enn Store, their mission goes beyond providing a wide array of furniture. They strive to add value through knowledge and accessibility. Continually raising the bar of their own standards, their foremost goal is to ensure customer satisfaction.

The store has two conveniently located outlets in North Cyprus – one in the outskirts of Nicosia and another in Famagusta. Assuring quality, all furniture at Enn Store comes with a minimum two-year guarantee.

Custom-Made Furniture to Suit Your Preferences

What makes Enn Store stand out is their dedication to personalizing your shopping experience. If you spot a piece that you love, but it’s not quite the perfect fit, they offer custom-made solutions. They can modify the size, color, and even design to suit your preferences.

Their sales team is ever ready to assist you in your furniture purchase, offering services like delivery, interior design and free consultation at either of their shops. They are open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm.

Making Connections: Enn Store and the Community

Enn Store is more than just a retail outlet. They are also active in the local community, supporting events like the “Cultural Motor Tour” painting exhibition, the glamorous 1920’s themed dinner parties at Tervetuloa hotel, and various initiatives by the Home for Cooperation. They also support animal rights, contributing to causes such as a concert in aid of the Cyprus Animal Rights Society.

Remember, when you step into an Enn Store, you step into a world of great design, quality furniture, and a community committed to making every house a dream home.

Lessons Learned

  1. Commitment to customer satisfaction: Enn Store’s commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart from other furniture stores. They prioritize personalized shopping experiences and offer custom-made solutions to suit individual preferences. This teaches us the importance of going above and beyond to meet customer needs and providing excellent service.

  2. Active participation in the community: Enn Store is not just a furniture store, but an active participant in the local community. They support various events and causes, such as cultural exhibitions and animal rights initiatives. This highlights the significance of giving back to the community and being socially responsible as a business. It shows that businesses can make a positive impact beyond their primary products or services.

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