Disy Party Tensions: Nicosia Mayoral Candidacy Sparks Controversy

democratic rally party nicosia mayoral candidacy

The Disy party in Nicosia is facing controversy as Charalambos Petrides announces his mayoral candidacy, bypassing the party’s decision-making process. Party leader Annita Demetriou opposes unilateral candidacies and emphasizes that all candidacy decisions should be made collectively by the party.

Why is there controversy within the Disy party over the Nicosia mayoral candidacy?

The controversy stems from Charalambos Petrides announcing his Nicosia mayoral run, seemingly bypassing Disy’s formal decision-making process. Party leader Annita Demetriou insists on adherence to established procedures and has voiced disapproval of unilateral candidacies, emphasizing that candidacy decisions are made by the party collectively.

Nicosia is witnessing rising tensions within the ranks of the Democratic Rally party, more commonly known as Disy, as the battle for the mayoral candidacy heats up. Party leader Annita Demetriou has taken a firm stance against any members who may be considering a rogue bid for the candidacy.

A Clash of Wills and Ambitions

The recent announcement by Charalambos Petrides, the former Defence Minister, that he would be running for the mayor of Nicosia has stirred controversy. Petrides made his intentions known just hours before a planned Disy political bureau meeting. This move appeared to circumvent the party’s formal decision-making process, much to the chagrin of Demetriou.

During an interview with AlphaNews, the party leader articulated her disapproval in no uncertain terms: “It’s not up to whoever announces their candidacy, it’s a party decision.” She insisted that respect for the party’s established procedures is paramount.

Disy’s Candidate Selection Process Under Scrutiny

The Disy political bureau has been weighing its options for the Nicosia mayoral candidate by conducting opinion polls to gauge public interest in various potential candidates. The current Aglandjia mayor, Andreas Constantinou, seems to be leading the preference list, with former Deputy Shipping Minister Natasa Pilides and Petrides trailing.

Demetriou emphasized the need for all members to abide by the party’s rules, stating that the official announcements would follow the internal elections scheduled for December.

The Prospect of Political Alliances

Open to the possibility of cross-party collaboration, Demetriou did not rule out the idea of supporting candidates from other parties, including Andreas Vyras, currently backed by Akel for Larnaca. “We do have political differences, but this does not concern his person,” she explained. The criteria for Disy’s support would include societal desires, party presence, and the potential for broader partnerships, all of which are up for consideration.

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Lessons Learned

The controversy surrounding the Disy party’s Nicosia mayoral candidacy has highlighted the importance of adhering to established procedures and decision-making processes within political parties. Charalambos Petrides’ announcement of his candidacy without following the party’s formal process has caused tensions within the party and raised questions about the democratic nature of candidate selection. This serves as a reminder that party members should respect and abide by the rules and decisions collectively made by the party.

Furthermore, the situation has brought attention to the need for clear communication and unity within political parties. Party leader Annita Demetriou’s strong disapproval of unilateral candidacies indicates the importance of maintaining cohesion and avoiding internal divisions. It is crucial for party members to prioritize the party’s interests over individual ambitions and work together towards common goals. This incident serves as a lesson for political parties to foster a culture of collaboration and open dialogue to prevent conflicts and ensure a unified front.

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