CiC, Mercedes-Benz mark 70-year tie with art exhibition

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The CiC and Mercedes-Benz art exhibition celebrates their 70-year partnership and showcases the impact they have had on Cyprus’s automotive industry. The exhibition, titled “Casts of an Island,” combines art and innovation, featuring the evolution of Mercedes-Benz through the past seven decades.

What is the significance of the CiC and Mercedes-Benz art exhibition?

The CiC and Mercedes-Benz art exhibition marks the 70th anniversary of their partnership, showcasing how they’ve shaped Cyprus’s automotive standards. Featuring the “Casts of an Island” collection, it blends creative artistry with automotive innovation, highlighting the evolution of Mercedes-Benz.

The Cyprus Import Corporation (CiC) marked a memorable milestone, celebrating the 70th anniversary of its partnership with the esteemed automotive giant Mercedes-Benz. On November 8, 2023, a grand reception was held, acknowledging a relationship that has notably influenced the automotive standards within Cyprus.

Enriching Heritage Through Art

To commemorate CiC Mercedes-Benz’s influential role in the country’s pivotal moments, a unique art exhibition titled “Casts of an Island” was showcased at CiC’s Nicosia showroom. Curated by renowned art collector Nicos Pattichis, the exhibition showcased pieces by prominent Cypriot artists, creating a fusion between automotive innovation and creative artistry. The showcase included an array of Mercedes-Benz models, each representing the evolution and design ethos of the brand through the past seven decades.

A Vision Shared in Excellence

Alexis Anninos, the CEO of CiC, reflected on the 70-year journey with Mercedes-Benz, emphasizing the partnership’s foundation on innovation, excellence, evolution, and consistency. “CiC Mercedes-Benz’s corporate presence has been dynamic and focused, active in all phases of the country’s modern history,” he stated, reaffirming the company’s commitment to continual evolution and pioneering in the industry.

A Cultural Intersection

During the reception, Deputy Minister of Culture Vasiliki Kassianidou, representing President Nikos Christodoulides, extended congratulations to the contributors of the exhibition. She remarked on the profound way the exhibition pairs artworks with classic Mercedes models, invoking memories of past events and figures that have shaped the nation’s trajectory over these decades.

The exhibition welcomes visitors throughout November, allowing the public to delve into the intertwined narrative of art, history, and automotive progress.

About CiC

Established in 1951, the Cyprus Import Corporation has been the general distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Cyprus since 1955, serving a range of vehicles including passenger cars, vans, trucks, and buses. The company’s expansion includes the general distribution of Smart since 2004, FUSO light trucks in 2008, and a broad selection of industrial equipment from Ingersoll Rand, Doosan, and Bucher Municipal. With the establishment of CiC Automasters in 2010, the range extended to the general distribution of FCA for Jeep, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo, and Abarth cars.

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Lessons Learned

The CiC and Mercedes-Benz art exhibition serves as a reminder of the importance of long-standing partnerships and the impact they can have on an industry. The 70-year relationship between CiC and Mercedes-Benz has shaped the automotive standards in Cyprus, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation. This highlights the lesson that fostering strong partnerships can lead to significant advancements and growth within an industry.

Additionally, the exhibition demonstrates the value of combining different forms of creativity and artistry. By blending automotive innovation with artistic expression, the “Casts of an Island” collection creates a unique and captivating experience for visitors. This teaches us the lesson that embracing diverse perspectives and disciplines can result in new and exciting possibilities. It encourages us to think outside the box and explore unconventional collaborations that can push boundaries and create something truly exceptional.

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