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1 unprovoked attack

Unprovoked Attack on Young Siblings Stirs Concern in Larnaca Community

Two underage siblings were brutally attacked by five masked individuals armed with bats and sticks near Vergina High School in Larnaca, after they refused to answer questions about their football team allegiances. The incident has sparked concern in the community, prompting an investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice and raising questions about security and the safety of the city’s youth.

neighborhood beautification artistic vision

Larnaca Artist Embarks on Neighborhood Beautification

Retired art teacher, Androula Angelidou Antoniadou, has singlehandedly transformed a graffiticovered playground in Larnaca into a vibrant communal space, with support from the local community and council. Her initiative aims to enhance mental wellbeing and community spirit through the power of beauty and creativity, inspiring a call for wider change in revitalizing public areas for the benefit of the community’s mental health and collective morale.

1 beef smuggling

Beef Smuggling Operation Thwarted by Authorities

Authorities have successfully thwarted a beef smuggling operation in northern Nicosia, arresting two individuals and seizing 264 kilograms of beef. This coordinated effort is part of ongoing attempts to dismantle illegal trade networks, ensuring public safety and protecting local economies.

rising electricity costs energy tariffs

Escalating Energy Costs: Second Price Hike Hits the North

Residents in the north are feeling the effects of rising electricity costs as KibTek announces a second price hike within a single month, resulting in a roughly 15% increase for all consumers. These new tariffs introduce a tiered pricing structure, with prices ranging from €0.09 per kWh for the first 250 kWh to €0.24 per kWh for usage over 1,001 kWh, and threetime tariff rates ranging from €0.18 to €0.24 per kWh depending on the time of day.

international police cooperation 91st general assembly

Celebrating a Century of INTERPOL: The 91st General Assembly

In 2023, INTERPOL celebrates its 100th anniversary with the 91st General Assembly, a momentous event that brings together member countries to reflect on past achievements and plan for the future. Cyprus, where INTERPOL was originally conceptualized, plays a prominent role in the assembly, exemplifying its commitment to global law enforcement collaboration. The assembly serves as a testament to INTERPOL’s vital position in international police work and its enduring legacy of fostering international police cooperation.

buffer zone dispute unficyp

Urgent Plea to Unficyp for Intervention in Buffer Zone Dispute

The urgent plea to Unficyp is for immediate intervention in the buffer zone dispute in Cyprus, following two separate incursions by Turkish troops that violated the status quo in the Ayios Dhometios buffer zone. The plea calls for action to address and reverse these violations, which have raised stability concerns in the region.

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Preserving Palates Through Fine Dining

To Patriko, led by siblings Evanthia, Stavros, and Kyriakos Fokou, is revolutionizing fine dining in Cyprus by blending traditional Cypriot cuisine with contemporary techniques. Through their innovative approach, they offer a unique dining experience that showcases local herbs, diverse pasta varieties, and rich meats, honoring the island’s gastronomic heritage.

photography rural japan

Unveiling the Aesthetic of Rural Japan Through Photography

The ‘Aru Naru Suru – Beauty in Rural Japan’ exhibition by Georgios N. Paparoditis showcases traditional Japanese aesthetics captured through photography, reflecting his deep understanding of the environment after six months of immersion in rural Japan. The exhibition will be held at the Exhibit8 Gallery in Limassol from December 1 to December 16.

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