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humanitarian efforts maritime corridor

Humanitarian Efforts: The Maritime Corridor to Gaza

The proposed humanitarian maritime corridor to Gaza, initiated by Cyprus, has received conditional approval from Israel. However, actual aid delivery faces delays due to security concerns and Israel’s requirement for inspection and approval. The maritime aid vessel RFA Lyme Bay has been diverted, complicating the timeline, with Gaza’s population urgently awaiting relief.

community service volunteerism

Strengthening Volunteerism: PVCC Joins Forces with Cyprus Red Cross

The Pan Cyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council (PVCC) and Cyprus Red Cross have formed a partnership to strengthen community service and civic engagement in Cyprus. Through an exchange of knowledge and expertise, they aim to introduce innovative projects and create opportunities for impactful volunteerism, inspiring a wave of compassion and altruism in the community.

prison guard drug possession

Prison Guard Arrested for Drug Possession

A 58yearold prison guard was arrested for drug possession while en route to his work shift, highlighting vulnerabilities within the correctional system. The guard has been suspended pending further inquiry, and the incident has prompted intensified checks and a commitment to upholding legal and ethical standards to ensure community safety and system integrity.

1 music

What’s on this weekend

This weekend in Cyprus is filled with exciting musical events and celebrations. In Nicosia, Michalis Tterlikkas and Fuzz Bus will blend traditional Cypriot sounds with modern jazzrock at Antonakis Music Hall, while Monsieur Doumani will captivate audiences with their avantfolk music at Savino Live in Larnaca. On New Year’s Eve, there will be DJ music and a live band performance at Savino Live, as well as a jazz evening at Sarah’s Jazz Club in Nicosia. During the day, Palaia Pineza bar in old Nicosia will offer groovy music and cocktails. It’s the perfect weekend to enjoy diverse genres and bid farewell to 2023 in style.

live music jazz

Live Music This Week: A Festive Melody Across the Island

This week, the island of Cyprus will be filled with live music events. The Kalopedis Jazz Duo will be performing at Curly Wolf Bar in Limassol on Wednesday at 8:30 pm, while The Italian Tenors will be presenting their “A Touch of Christmas” concert at Markideio Theatre in Paphos on Thursday, and at Strovolos Municipal Theatre in Nicosia the following eve. Tickets can be purchased at the venues or online.

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Sixty Covid Patients in Hospitals: A Rising Concern

Sixty individuals, mostly elderly, are currently hospitalized with Covid19 in public hospitals due to increased community transmission and outbreaks in nursing homes. The healthcare system is working to provide care for these patients while also managing the seasonal rise in other respiratory infections, emphasizing the importance of vaccinations and public health measures.

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Police Tackling Beef Smuggling Operation

Police have arrested two men in a beef smuggling operation, seizing 500 kilos of beef and €20,000. The investigation into the case has raised concerns about food safety violations and the need for strict regulations and cooperation between departments to protect consumers.

tourism coastal attractions

Spate of Improvements Aim to Boost Larnaca Tourism

The Larnaca Tourism Development Company (ETAP) has implemented a range of improvements to boost tourism in Larnaca. These include the addition of beach volleyball courts and exercise machines, the creation of accessibility ramps for beaches, the placement of underwater amphorae at the ‘Elpida’ wreck, the planting of palm trees in Voroklini and Kiti, the use of digital tools like 3D virtual restorations and 360° tours, the expansion of the virtual museums platform, the establishment of “beefriendly” children’s parks, the creation of Instagrammable spots, efforts to reduce visual pollution, and the development of new museums and infrastructure. These enhancements aim to enhance the visitor experience, promote sustainable tourism, and showcase the unique offerings of the region.

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