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drive-by shooting investigation

Drive-by Shooting Incident Shakes Nicosia

A driveby shooting occurred near the central prisons in Nicosia around 11:20 am, where a black car with tinted windows fired shots into the air. The motive is unclear, but the police are investigating potential connections to the city’s criminal activities and a recent prison release. No injuries were reported, and the community is calling for increased security measures.

astrotourism cyprus

Exploring the Night Sky: The Rise of Astrotourism in Cyprus

Astrotourism in Cyprus offers guided night sky tours and educational experiences, including Star Parks, Star Camping, virtual and augmented reality, and educating on light pollution. Cyprus aims to be a Dark Sky destination and has identified four prime locations for astronomical observations, with plans to promote responsible night sky conservation and educate the public.

1 palestine 2 united for palestine – cyprus movement 3 boycott, divestment, sanctions (bds) movement

Hundreds March in Nicosia for Palestine

Hundreds of individuals marched in Nicosia for peace and solidarity with Palestine, calling for a ceasefire and an end to violence and occupation. Organized by the United for Palestine – Cyprus movement, the demonstration also promoted the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) initiative to pressure for Palestinian human rights and freedom.

1 isolated storms

Isolated Storms Expected Over New Year’s

The New Year’s weekend weather will be mostly clear on Saturday, with temperatures dropping to 7C inland and slightly milder along the coast. However, isolated storms are expected on Sunday, mainly in the west and mountains, and will continue for the first few days of the new year. Stay prepared with an umbrella and warm clothes to make the most of the celebrations.

healthcare management financial implications

Questioning Osak’s Role and Expertise in Gesy’s Management

During a recent news conference, Osak criticized the government’s financial management of Gesy, calling for more resources and questioning budgetary constraints. However, doubts have been raised about Osak’s expertise in healthcare management and their ability to consider the longterm financial implications for the national health system.

1 theatre

Limassol Theatre Kicks Off Busy New Year

In the New Year, Limassol’s Rialto Theatre offers a diverse array of performances including “Uncle Vanya” by Dionysus Theatre, Greek songwriter Miltos Paschalidis, “NT Live” broadcast of “Romeo & Juliet” from London, “Colours” concert with singer Sais and poet Yiorgos Papaconstantinou, “Don Quixote” presented by Antilogos Theatre, and a tribute to Cypriot pianist Nicolas Economou. The theatre has lined up an exciting program for January, showcasing local and international talent and ensuring that every night is an affair to remember.

covid-19 vaccine vaccination rates

Health Minister Stresses COVID-19 Vaccine Benefits

The Health Minister, Popi Kanari, emphasized the benefits of the COVID19 vaccine, stating that it significantly reduces the severity of symptoms in vaccinated individuals who contract the virus, particularly for the elderly. To address low vaccination rates among the elderly, mobile vaccination units have been deployed to nursing homes, and free masks and tests are being provided to reinforce safety protocols. The ministry remains proactive in preparing for future surges and aims to maintain control over the pandemic, prioritizing public health and safety.

police induction

Ceremonial Induction of the New Special Police Constables

The recent ceremony at the Cyprus Police Academy marked the official induction of the new cohort of Special Police Constables, who will be responsible for maintaining border safety and managing migration flows. The event was attended by highranking officials, and the Chief of Police emphasized the importance of their role and called upon them to uphold the values of selflessness and determination.

1 public safety

Comprehensive Guide to Safety During the Holiday Season

The Cyprus Police have increased their presence and patrols to ensure public safety during the holiday season. They are focusing on traffic control and enforcing traffic laws, as well as implementing measures to prevent burglaries and thefts. The police also urge the public to report suspicious activities and stay informed through official social media accounts for safety tips.

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