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Suspect Apprehended in Connection to Limassol Court Arson

A 37yearold man has been apprehended in connection with the arson attack on a Limassol courthouse evidence storage facility that occurred on July 21, 2021. The suspect had evaded capture for two years prior to his arrest, and authorities are still searching for another individual involved in the incident.

drug trafficking law enforcement

Nicosia Authorities Detain Two for Cannabis Trafficking

Nicosia police have detained two individuals, aged 41 and 42, for their involvement in cannabis trafficking. The arrests were made after a parcel containing approximately 800 grams of cannabis was intercepted at a local post office, showcasing the ongoing commitment of the Nicosia drug squad, Ykan, to combat illegal drug activities.

alcohol drugs

‘Alarming data’ from alcohol, drugs survey on kids

Recent findings from the HSBC survey reveal that around 50% of schoolchildren in Cyprus have tried alcohol at least once, and 7% of 15yearolds have experimented with cannabis. These alarming statistics have prompted the education ministry to implement interventions and supportive programs to combat substance use among minors.

culture creativity

Explore the Wonders of Culture and Creativity at Leventis Municipal Museum

Step into the Leventis Municipal Museum in Nicosia for a weekend filled with culture and creativity. Explore a Book Sale with Coffee, offering up to 70% off on books, and take a guided Architectural Walk through the city’s historic buildings. In the following week, join a Candlemaking Workshop for Adults and learn to craft ecofriendly candles. Don’t miss out on these exciting events that celebrate the wonders of art and history in the heart of old Nicosia.

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Hellenic Offers Free Banking, Special Measures for Vulnerable

Hellenic Bank is offering free banking transactions and reduced fees as part of their measures to support vulnerable customers. This includes nocost online and mobile banking services, free SEPA transfers up to €5,000, decreased cashier transaction fees for those over 65, free accounts for Guaranteed Minimum Income beneficiaries, and no maintenance fee for lowincome pensioners’ savings accounts for one year.

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Alarming Trends in Youth Substance Use in Cyprus

Recent findings from the HBSC survey reveal alarming trends in youth substance use in Cyprus, with 50% of schoolaged children having tried alcohol at least once. Firstyear lyceum students report a 73% rate of alcohol experimentation, 22% in primary schools, and 44% in gymnasiums. Additionally, 7% of 15yearolds have tried cannabis. Efforts from the Education Ministry are underway to combat this issue.

1 central bank of cyprus (cbc)

Central Bank Defends Policies After ‘Cyprus Confidential’ Reports

The Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) has responded to the ‘Cyprus Confidential’ reports by severing ties with 42,728 shell companies and closing around 125,782 bank accounts since the end of 2018, conducting audits, probes, and monitoring to combat financial misuse and ensure compliance with international sanctions. The CBC’s actions come in the wake of allegations that Cypriot banks were used to manage over $31 billion of Russian money, sparking a global investigation into corruption and sanctions evasion.

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