1 cultural experience

A Bingo Night Like No Other

The Yasemin Collective’s event, tombολα, is a creative fusion of bingo with theater and performance art. Set in old Nicosia on December 15, it offers a unique cultural experience that combines gameplay with satire, societal commentary, and exploration of social dynamics. Participants are invited to reflect on chance, society, and fate within an engaging and insightful framework.

student housing scheme urban renewal

Call from Ministry for Student Housing Scheme in Old Nicosia

The student housing scheme in Old Nicosia, funded with €15 million from the Cyprus recovery and resilience plan, aims to revitalize the historical district by providing accommodation for students. Interested applicants can find more information and apply through the ministry of the interior’s official post, with the project expected to bring economic and cultural growth to the area.

plastic pollution microplastics

Combating Plastic Pollution in Cyprus

Plastic pollution is threatening the beaches of Cyprus, with up to 4000 microplastic particles per square meter found on certain beaches. The AKTI Project and Research Centre is conducting a pioneering study on microplastic pollution, aiming to raise awareness and inspire action to combat this pressing environmental issue.

1 online radicalisation

Combating Online Radicalisation: Cyprus’ Legal Milestone

Cyprus is taking a proactive stance against online radicalisation by drafting a legal framework aimed at the rapid removal of radical content, aligning with broader EU efforts to combat terrorist propaganda and recruitment online. Minister of Justice Anna Procopiou highlighted the urgency of the situation and emphasized that the legislation would allow for swift removal of radicalising content, demonstrating Cyprus’ commitment to preemptively address threats to national and EUwide security.

diplomatic stalemate cyprus problem

Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar Appointed as UN Envoy for Cyprus

Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar has been appointed as the UN Envoy for Cyprus by UN SecretaryGeneral Antonio Guterres. With her extensive diplomatic experience, Cuellar’s appointment offers a fresh approach to the longstanding Cyprus conflict, and her mandate will be to discern any viable points of cooperation between the conflicting sides without establishing preconditions.

weather rain

Today’s Weather: Wet and Windy

Today in Cyprus, the weather will be wet and windy with rain and isolated thunderstorms moving across the regions. Temperatures will range from 21C inland to 23C in the north, 22C in other coastal areas, and 12C in the mountains. Winds will vary from weak to strong, reaching up to 5 Beaufort, and mariners should exercise caution as seas will be rough.

1 housing loan interest rates

Cyprus Experiences Rise in Housing Loan Interest Rates

As of October 2023, the interest rate for housing loans in Cyprus has surged to 4.91 percent, a significant increase from the previous month’s rate of 4.42 percent. This rise in rates reflects broader economic shifts and has implications for the affordability of homeownership and the financial wellbeing of households.

bank of cyprus keve

Cyprus Business Now: A Year of Achievements

In the past year, Cyprus has achieved several significant milestones in its business sector. The Bank of Cyprus was honored as the “Bank of the Year” by The Banker, while Keve elected Stavros Stavrou as its new president. Cyprus was also reelected to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Council, and the Cyprus Stock Exchange reported a profit increase, indicating a resilient market.

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