coca-cola holiday cheer

Coca-Cola’s Festive Journey Across Cyprus

The CocaCola truck tour in Cyprus is an annual event that signifies the beginning of the holiday season. The iconic red truck travels across the island, spreading joy and community spirit with its festive lights and encouraging Christmas generosity and kindness through the campaign ShareYourInnerSanta.

antibiotic consumption antibiotic resistance

Cyprus tops EU list for taking antibiotics

Cyprus has earned the dubious distinction of being the highest consumer of antibiotics in the EU, with 50% of its residents taking antibiotics yearly. This overuse, often due to selfmedication and the misconception that antibiotics can treat viruses, has led to a surge in antibioticresistant infections, posing significant health risks and increasing treatment costs.

tags: vital health campaign oral cancer screenings

Vital Health Campaign: Cyprus Offers Free Oral Cancer Screenings

Cyprus is offering free oral cancer screenings to encourage early detection and raise awareness. The mobile dental units will be stationed at strategic locations, ensuring accessibility and convenience for individuals to get checked. This campaign highlights the global impact of oral cancer and sets an example for other nations to follow. By focusing on prevention and early diagnosis, Cyprus aims to save lives and improve outcomes for those affected by the disease.

low voter turnout cypriot voter apathy

Low Voter Turnout Expected in Upcoming Cypriot EU Elections

Recent data from the Eurobarometer predicts low voter turnout for the upcoming European Parliament elections in Cyprus, with only 50% of Cypriot citizens planning to vote, despite 67% recognizing the benefits of EU membership. Factors contributing to this discrepancy include voter apathy and the complex political landscape in Cyprus.

euroasia interconnector project energy infrastructure

President to Meet Officials Over EuroAsia Interconnector Project

President Nikos Christodoulides is set to meet with officials from the Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) to discuss the EuroAsia Interconnector project, which aims to connect Cyprus to Greece and Israel, ending the country’s electrical isolation. The project, backed by a €657 million grant from the EU, is expected to enhance energy security, potentially reduce electricity costs, and is designated as a Project of Common Interest, highlighting its importance for the Eastern Mediterranean energy infrastructure.

civil servant compensation pay-related disputes

Navigating the Challenges of Civil Servant Compensation

The current issue in civil servant compensation negotiations in Cyprus revolves around the recognition of prior service for lowwage civil servants. Unions are demanding a pay increase for these employees based on their experience, and the resolution of this dispute is crucial to preventing potential industrial unrest and finding a balance between union satisfaction and government fiscal responsibilities.

christmas market festive weekends

ETKO Christmas Market to Deliver Festive Weekends

The ETKO Christmas Market in Limassol will take place on December 1617 and December 2324 from 2 PM to 10 PM. Visitors can expect a festive atmosphere with activities for all ages, including masterclasses, theatrical performances, and Christmas films. Children can meet Santa Claus, and the market will have handmade gifts, traditional sweets, and a food court. Entrance is free for children under 12.

pharmaceutical industry leadership transition

New Remedica Chapter Begins as Former Chief Departs

Remedica, a key pharmaceutical company, bids farewell to CEO Michalis Neoptolemou, marking the start of a new chapter focused on innovation and growth. Under Neoptolemou’s leadership, Remedica expanded globally and improved manufacturing capabilities, establishing itself as a powerhouse in the pharmaceutical industry.

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