The Begonvillas

Yapım Inşaat is a top producing construction company based in Nicosia, specialising in all areas of real estate in North Cyprus. Serving in the sector since 1988, Yapım Inşaat has built more than 1200 units in Nicosia, Kyrenia and Güzelyurt. We sat down with sales director Ceren Köse to discuss their latest project; The Begonvillas.

Kyrenia, being a port city in Cyprus, is a paradise for living tourism and therefore the chosen location for this extraordinary villa development – tailored to its surrounding environment.

Ceren explains how the design of The Begonvillas originally began with the exterior look, and then how they decided on the units around it. ”We wanted the look to be a seamless lifestyle, basing nature around an architectural masterpiece. The space conceived for the way people will live. How people would live in a quality environment,” he tells us.

“Simple Perfection”:
To redefine Kyrenia living, Yapım Inşaat’s developers have endeavoured to create rare and energising kinships to nature. ”We knew buyers would want to come into this amazing project residence and discover both the glorious urban and natural environments surrounding them – at the same time, the integration of the residence between sea and mountain views. We came to the decision that the residents should have the opportunity of enjoying Cyprus’ beautiful sunrises every morning, and instead of a balcony they would have an extended terrace, enhancing the connection to building the perfect dreamlike lifestyle,” Ceren informs us.

“We Create More Than a Touch Of Life In Your Dreams”.
“We really listen to what the customer wants,” Ceren says. ”The design concept was brought into existence through the needs and wants of our potential customers. A seamless integration with nature – this project was conceived from outside in with precision outdoor living. The residences are considered villas in tropical gardens, and designed to allow the warm Mediterranean sea breeze to penetrate every room,” he continues.

“Embracing Design Life with Impeccable Elegance”
The Begonvillas bring a privileged lifestyle to the Kyrenia centre with 13 villas designed for luxury and nature-friendly living. Built on an area of 6843m2, each villa is surrounded by large stone walls beautifully covered with bougainvillea, making them inviting but yet very private. ”We thought of how the person is going to live there, and dedicated a lot of time allow for the perfect movement, and plenty of space to amenities. The units, with high ceilings and vast terrace space, offer a unique privileged lifestyle with modern architecture that radiates light style in every sense, including private pools,” Ceren explains.

”The owners are meant to feel a sense of rural freedom and eco-green comfort, whether at home or in their backyard. The lifestyle and the way to experience it is truly unique, seeing as how you walk in through the front door you are bringing the outside inside. The Begonvillas have already garnered a lot of attention because of this and their distinctive parallelogram shape overall,” he says.

“Landscape Architecture with your Security in Mind”
Looking at the beautiful landscape, you will notice that each tiny detail is designed for your safety. Security cameras have been installed around the entire site, and site personnel will be on hand for general maintenance at all times. The swimming pool areas have wpc decking, and the terraces lined with non-slip ceramic.

“Life of your Dreams – Coming soon”
Expected for completion in 2020, the pinnacle of this resort style living is about movement, it’s about lines and every design feature having a purpose. The architectural team has designed the amenities to represent a continuation of the theme of environmental connection, uniquely featuring components of natural stone, in addition to laminate glass railings, decorative suspended ceilings, natural marble and arty ceramics, creating flexible elegance.

Yapım Inşaat are very proud of putting this collaboration together with their talented in-house team and the most brilliant minds in architectural excellence. It is the completion of a lot of work, ultimately achieving a pleasurable experience while revolutionising real estate in Kyrenia.

”Get closer to your dreams… find everything you are looking for in The Begonvillas”. For further enquires regarding The Begonvillas, please call +90 533 860 02 99.

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