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highway maintenance road closures

Nicosia-Limassol Highway Maintenance Updates

Maintenance works on the NicosiaLimassol highway from Skarinou to Zygi are ongoing until June 27, with nightly closures from 9 PM to 6 AM and detours in place. Additionally, the Kalamon Flyover in Nicosia will be closed for maintenance on June 2627 from 9 PM to 5 AM, with traffic rerouted through the Kalamon roundabout. Drive safely, follow signs, and plan for extra travel time.

celebrations road closures

Traffic Alterations for Holy Spirit Flood Celebrations Across Larnaca, Paphos, and Protaras

As the Holy Spirit Flood celebrations approach in Larnaca, Paphos, and Protaras, road closures will impact major streets from June 2126 to accommodate the festivities, including Athens Avenue in Larnaca, Apostle Paul Avenue in Paphos, and the road to Fig Tree Bay parking in Protaras on specific dates. Plan ahead to navigate through the closures and enjoy the festivities in these vibrant towns safely.

nicosia robbery

Nicosia Kiosk Robbery

The Nicosia kiosk robbery unfolded in the dead of night as two masked individuals stormed the establishment, with one wielding a knife to intimidate the staff while the other made off with the cash register. The brazen heist has left the community on edge, prompting a thorough investigation by the Nicosia CID to apprehend the unidentified suspects and prevent further incidents of this nature.

highway maintenance ongoing construction

Highway Maintenance on Nicosia-Limassol and Paphos-Limassol Routes

The ongoing highway maintenance on the NicosiaLimassol and PaphosLimassol routes in Cyprus will continue until February 29th and March 21st respectively. Lane closures and traffic management measures are in place, and drivers are advised to follow posted signs and reduced speed limits for their safety and the safety of construction workers.

highway maintenance road closures

Overview of Scheduled Roadworks on Cypriot Highways

The Cypriot Department of Public Works has announced several scheduled roadworks on highways in Cyprus. This includes the temporary closure of Lympia and Alambra exits on the NicosiaLarnaca and NicosiaLimassol highways, night works on the NicosiaLimassol highway for safety barrier repairs, and the cleaning of stormwater gutters on the Limassol bypass road. Motorists are advised to be aware of these closures and follow the designated detours.

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