Traffic Alterations for Holy Spirit Flood Celebrations Across Larnaca, Paphos, and Protaras

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As the Holy Spirit Flood celebrations approach in Larnaca, Paphos, and Protaras, road closures will impact major streets from June 21-26 to accommodate the festivities, including Athens Avenue in Larnaca, Apostle Paul Avenue in Paphos, and the road to Fig Tree Bay parking in Protaras on specific dates. Plan ahead to navigate through the closures and enjoy the festivities in these vibrant towns safely.

What are the traffic alterations for the Holy Spirit Flood Celebrations in Larnaca, Paphos, and Protaras?

  • Larnaca: Major closures on Athens Avenue and nearby, from June 22-24 and June 26, 2pm-2am, and additional morning closures for maintenance.
  • Paphos: Apostle Paul Avenue and parts of Poseidonos Street, closed from June 21-24 for festivities near the Medieval Castle.
  • Protaras: Road from Protaras Avenue to Fig Tree Bay parking, closed on June 23 for holiday events.

As the towns of Larnaca, Paphos, and Protaras gear up to celebrate the Holy Spirit on Monday, June 24, 2024, residents and visitors should prepare for significant road closures scheduled to accommodate the festive events. These closures will impact major thoroughfares and are part of extensive traffic management measures for the safety and convenience of the community during this joyous occasion.

Larnaca Celebrations and Road Closures

Festivity-Linked Closures

The heart of the festivities in Larnaca will be along the bustling Athens Avenue. From Saturday, June 22 to Monday, June 24, and again on Wednesday, June 26, visitors can expect the following roads to be inaccessible from 2:00 pm until 2:00 am the following day:

  • Athens Avenue and the connecting streets leading to it, in the vicinity of Finikoudes
  • Vasilis Pavlou Street, from its crossing with Athens Avenue to Zenon Kitieos Street
  • Two lanes on Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, stretching from the Kosti Palama Street junction to Athens Avenue, directing traffic from the Port towards the Larnaca Police Headquarters

Additionally, the same routes will also be closed on Friday, June 21 and Tuesday, June 25, during the same hours.

Maintenance-Related Closures

For maintenance and cleanup by the municipality, Athens Avenue will undergo additional closures from 4:00 am to 7:00 am daily, starting June 22 and concluding on July 01.

Paphos: Avenues to Antiquity

Apostolic Avenue and Surrounds

Paphos commemorates the holiday with closures starting from Friday, June 21 to Monday, June 24. The closures will include:

  • A section of Apostle Paul Avenue, from the roundabout with Leda Street to the Paphos Medieval Castle
  • A portion of Poseidonos Street, from the junction with Iasonos Street to the Paphos Medieval Castle

These closures are designed to facilitate the celebrations near the historical Paphos Medieval Castle, providing a scenic backdrop to the festivities.

Protaras Joins in Celebration

A Festive Sunday

Protaras will see its own celebration on Sunday, June 23, organized by the Municipality of Paralimni. For the safety of all participants, the road from Protaras Avenue to the public parking area at Fig Tree Bay will be closed to ensure the smooth operation of the event.

Residents and tourists alike are advised to take note of these changes and plan their travel accordingly to avoid any inconvenience. The local police will be implementing traffic management strategies to help guide the flow of vehicles and pedestrians, ensuring that the celebrations can be enjoyed by all in a safe and orderly manner.

During the Holy Spirit Flood celebrations in Larnaca, Paphos, and Protaras, certain roads will be closed from June 21-26 for the festivities. In Larnaca, Athens Avenue and nearby streets will be closed from June 22-24 and June 26 in the afternoon and evening. In Paphos, Apostle Paul Avenue and parts of Poseidonos Street will be closed from June 21-24 near the Medieval Castle. In Protaras, the road to Fig Tree Bay parking will be closed on June 23. Plan ahead to navigate through the closures and enjoy the celebrations safely.

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