February 2024

highway maintenance ongoing construction

Highway Maintenance on Nicosia-Limassol and Paphos-Limassol Routes

The ongoing highway maintenance on the NicosiaLimassol and PaphosLimassol routes in Cyprus will continue until February 29th and March 21st respectively. Lane closures and traffic management measures are in place, and drivers are advised to follow posted signs and reduced speed limits for their safety and the safety of construction workers.

earthquakes remembrance

Turkish Cypriots Remember Earthquake Victims on Somber Anniversary

Turkish Cypriots commemorated the first anniversary of the catastrophic earthquakes in southeastern Turkey by honoring the memory of the 49 Cypriots who perished, including the “Champion Angels” school volleyball team. Ceremonies in the Famagusta district emphasized the community’s quest for justice and accountability, as they continue to mourn the profound loss.

1 eoka fighters

Honoring Eoka and Embracing Opportunities: Cyprus in a New Era

Annita Demetriou spoke at a gathering in Pelendri, honoring the legacy of Eoka and its leader Georgios Grivas, emphasizing the ongoing struggle for freedom and unity in Cyprus. Despite the challenges of the geopolitical landscape and Turkey’s stance, Demetriou expressed cautious optimism about a potential shift in the peace process with the arrival of UN Envoy Maria Angela Holguin, emphasizing the need for determination and diplomacy in achieving a comprehensive and fair settlement.

road safety photo-enforcement cameras

Expansion of the Photo-Enforcement System

The photoenforcement system is expanding to enhance road safety by monitoring and deterring traffic violations with strategically placed cameras. Immediate additions include 12 new camera points, with a longterm goal of having 90 fixed cameras at 30 points by March 2024, underscoring a commitment to reduce accidents and improve compliance with traffic regulations.

traffic measures road safety

Enhanced Traffic Measures in Troodos for the Upcoming Weekend

To ensure safety and efficient traffic flow in Troodos this weekend, the Police have implemented designated bus routes and parking areas from Limassol, Nicosia, and the Morphou area. Drivers are urged to strictly adhere to traffic codes and signage, and can stay informed on road conditions through the Cyprus Police’s informative website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

university of limassol academic excellence

University of Limassol Celebrates Early 2024 Milestones

The University of Limassol celebrated the end of its first academic semester in early 2024 and announced plans for new programs, demonstrating its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and community service. The institution, rooted in a legacy of leadership and learning, aims to excel in education and research while promoting ethical values and social sensitivity.

buyer protection real estate transactions

Enhancing Buyer Protection in Real Estate Transactions

The updated real estate laws have introduced several measures to enhance buyer protection in property transactions. Sellers are now required to provide an uptodate search certificate at contract signing, clear declarations of any property encumbrances are mandatory, registration at the Land Registry must include seller and mortgagor declarations, and a procedure for mortgage discharge upon sale completion has been outlined. These changes aim to provide buyers with more transparent information, protect them from hidden encumbrances, and ensure their investment goes towards securing their new property rather than settling unrelated debts.

assault case investigation

Teenager Among Suspects in Limassol Assault Case

In the Limassol assault case, five suspects have been arrested, including individuals aged 25, 24, 22, 18, and 17, in connection with the violent assault on a 26yearold man. The search for additional suspects is ongoing, and the public’s assistance is crucial in providing tips to the Limassol CID or the Citizen’s Line.

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