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Charting the Course: Artemis Pnevmatikou at TechIsland

Artemis Pnevmatikou, the PR & Communications leader at TechIsland, envisions a future where technology and communication merge to enhance human experiences. Advocating for worklife balance, empowering women in tech, and embracing emerging trends, Artemis charts a course where impactful communication strategies shape a techsavvy world.

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Empowering Women in Tech: Cyprus Computer Society’s New Initiative

The Cyprus Computer Society is launching the “Future Startup Founders” program to empower women in tech, offering free 60hour online training in entrepreneurship skills. With a focus on business models, lean startup methodologies, and tech concepts, this initiative aims to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry and support women in launching successful startups.

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Bridging the Gender Gap: Women in Tech® Cyprus Launch by TechIsland and Adsterra

TechIsland and Adsterra have launched the Women in Tech® Cyprus Chapter, aiming to close the gender gap in STEAM fields by promoting inclusion and empowering women through mentorship, education, networking, and job opportunities. The chapter serves as a hub of interaction and growth, offering valuable programs such as a Global Mentorship Programme, educational initiatives, job opportunities, and networking events, all with the goal of fostering diversity and supporting women’s growth in technology.

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