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Raising Awareness and Combating HPV

HPV vaccination is crucial in preventing diseases and cancers caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), recommended for children aged 1113 to intercept the virus early and reduce the risk of cervical and other HPVrelated cancers. Health Minister Michael Damianos advocates for increased awareness and vaccination to combat HPVrelated diseases, offering free vaccinations to children and emphasizing the importance of early prevention and detection.

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Addressing the Conundrums of Covid-19 Vaccination

The controversy over Covid19 vaccines continues to raise questions about side effects, protection levels, and ethical concerns. Transparency in public health communication and ongoing scientific research are crucial to address lingering hesitancy and misinformation surrounding vaccination efforts.

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‘Notable Surge’ in Covid Cases Among Elderly in Past Week

There has been a notable surge in COVID19 cases among the elderly in Cyprus due to a lack of booster vaccine doses for individuals over 80. Health officials are urging the administration of booster shots and cautionary measures such as maskwearing and PCR testing before visiting nursing homes to protect this vulnerable demographic.

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Rising COVID-19 Cases in Cyprus as Holidays Approach

COVID19 cases are rising in Cyprus as the holidays approach, primarily due to increased social gatherings in enclosed spaces. Although hospital admissions are currently low, the medical services director emphasizes the need for vaccination and personal safety measures to prevent further transmission during the festive season.

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