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Cyprus Stock Exchange Advocates for Sustainable Development

The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) has implemented measures such as integrating sustainability into financial practices, offering incentives for green corporate bonds, and introducing a Corporate Governance Code for listed companies. Spearheaded by CSE President Marinos Christodoulides, these efforts not only respond to global trends but also demonstrate a commitment to risk management and transparency.

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Turkish Cypriot Representatives Engage in Key European Council Discussions

The participation of Turkish Cypriot representatives, Oguzhan Hasipoglu and Armagan Candan, in European Council discussions is a crucial step towards international collaboration. By engaging in dialogues on sports, cultural heritage, sustainable development, and more, they are advocating for their community on a global stage and bridging gaps in international relations. Their involvement not only strengthens their region’s international presence but also contributes to the shaping of policies with farreaching implications beyond their immediate borders.

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Urgent Call for Reassessment of Akamas Development Plans

The Cyprus Architects’ Association urgently calls for a reevaluation of construction projects in Akamas, advocating for sustainable development that preserves the area’s ecology. They recommend a unified, transparent plan involving experts to guide development while protecting the region’s natural biodiversity and preventing environmental impacts. The association’s concerns are supported by former scientific advisor Klitos Papastylianou, who warns of dire consequences if action is not taken to address the potential soil erosion and irreversible degradation of habitats. The construction activities in Akamas have been temporarily suspended to address these pressing issues.

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