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Smart Meter Rollout Challenges Amidst Financial Constraints

Cyprus faces challenges in the smart meter rollout due to legal setbacks and financial constraints. The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) is striving to modernize energy consumption by procuring 50,000 smart meters to meet European Commission obligations and empower consumers with precise billing and energy data.

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Exploring Smart Meter Alternatives in Energy Management

The Energy Ministry in Cyprus is exploring smart meter alternatives to manage renewable energy sources efficiently, with plans to classify them as “critical infrastructure” to bypass public tender issues. Despite legal challenges and delays, they aim to meet EU deadlines for 400,000 smart meters by March 2024.

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Cyprus Risks Losing EU Funds Over Smart Meters

Cyprus faces the imminent threat of losing EU funds if smart meters are not installed on time. Failure to meet the deadlines of 15,000 units by September this year and 400,000 units with 250,000 installed by June 2026 could jeopardize the modernization of the country’s energy infrastructure and hinder the integration of renewable energy sources.

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