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explosion investigation

Nicosia Barber Shop Rocked by Explosion

The Nicosia barber shop was rocked by an explosion on a quiet Sunday evening, causing significant damage and leaving the community in shock. Police are investigating the deliberate act and urging witnesses to come forward to aid in their efforts to find those responsible.

weather wind

Today’s Weather: Partly Cloudy, Strong Winds

Today’s weather will be partly cloudy with strong winds, reaching up to 6 Beaufort in some areas. Temperatures will range from 9C in the mountains to 22C on the southeast coast, with a chance of rain in western regions. Nighttime will bring cooler temperatures and persistent winds, so be prepared for changing conditions.

road maintenance traffic management

Upcoming Motorway Closures in Cyprus for Overnight Works

Upcoming motorway closures in Cyprus will affect the NicosiaLimassol and PaphosLimassol routes for essential overnight maintenance work. From Moutayiaka to Germasogeia on the NicosiaLimassol motorway, closures will occur Monday through Thursday from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am, with detours in place via Ariadnis Street. Night maintenance will also take place on the PaphosLimassol motorway from 8:00 pm to 5:30 am, excluding weekends.

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