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Social Workers Demand Return of Seconded Colleagues

Social workers have suspended their oncall service to demand the return of seconded colleagues, halting crucial emergency assistance. The standoff underscores the vital role of social workers in protecting vulnerable individuals and the need to ensure staffing levels meet urgent community needs.

military defense

Boost in Compensation for Contract Soldiers

The recent boost in compensation for contract soldiers includes a significant pay increase, ranging from €15,109 to €40,279 annually, along with additional monthly allowances of €100 to €200. Career prospects have also improved, with an age cap increase from 42 to 57 years for transitioning into other roles after a tenyear service, highlighting the government’s commitment to strengthening national defense through better support for those who serve.

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Expanding the Ranks: Fire Brigade Boosts Personnel

The fire brigade is adding 259 new firefighters to improve public safety and address the rising demands of modern challenges like technological advancements, construction projects, and climate change. This expansion aims to enhance readiness, disaster relief efforts, and emergency management capabilities, showing a commitment to protecting citizens and their properties.

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