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Exorbitant Property Prices Steering Foreign Investment Northward

The real estate market in Cyprus is experiencing a shift as foreign investors are turning their attention to the northern occupied territories where property prices are more affordable. Despite ongoing conflicts in the region, cost considerations are outweighing geopolitical concerns for many buyers, leading to a redirection of foreign investment and the need for the government to address the issue to sustain the market’s growth.

real estate market property prices

Trikomo Property Market Sees Soaring Prices Amid New Developments

The Trikomo property market is experiencing soaring prices due to new luxury highrise developments, an influx of international buyers seeking refuge from regional conflicts, the “Famagusta, Trikomo, and Ayios Sergios Zoning Plan” regulating development, and historical complexities potentially reducing property supply. This surge in demand has led to apartments now selling for upwards of £200,000, marking a substantial rise from just a couple of years prior.

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