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AG defends decision to suspend trial of Turkish Cypriot lawyer

The trial of Turkish Cypriot lawyer Akan Kursat was suspended due to the death of a crucial British witness, leaving the legal service without enough evidence against him for exploiting Greek Cypriot properties in the north. AttorneyGeneral George Savvides defended the decision, sparking political reactions and shedding light on the intricate legal and property rights issues entangled in the case, with implications for territorial resolutions amid the Cyprus dispute.

environmental concerns construction works

Akamas Roadwork Developments Awaited Imminently

The Akamas peninsula construction project is on hold due to environmental concerns, pending a report that will be presented to the cabinet by midMarch. The government’s handling of the situation has drawn criticism from both President Christodoulides and environmental advocates, with international bodies also weighing in on the importance of preserving the region’s biodiversity.

diplomatic gestures political reactions

Erdogan’s Invitation: A Potential Visit by President Christodoulides

A potential meeting between Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan could mark a shift in Turkey’s policy towards Cyprus, with implications for the ongoing tensions between the two nations. This diplomatic engagement would not only signal a change in approach but also pave the way for new discussions on the longstanding Cyprus problem.

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