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Keve Advocates for Enhanced Intercommunal Trade in Cyprus

Keve, led by President Stavros Stavrou, advocates for improved intercommunal trade in Cyprus to bolster economic ties between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. By overcoming trade barriers and fostering cooperation, Keve aims to support peacebuilding efforts and align with UN resolutions for a unified Cyprus.

diplomacy reconciliation

UN Envoy’s Diplomatic Endeavors in Cyprus

UN envoy Maria Angela Holguin is in Cyprus to promote progress and understanding through inclusive dialogues with political leaders and societal figures. Her efforts aim to contribute to a lasting resolution and peacebuilding on the island, following a history of division and ongoing international support for stability.

peace-building collaboration

Two decades of EU-UN peacebuilding in Cyprus

The EUUN partnership in Cyprus has significantly advanced peacebuilding efforts by fostering dialogue, trust, and reconciliation between communities. Through initiatives like promoting economic development, preserving cultural heritage, and addressing humanitarian concerns, the collaboration has laid a strong foundation for lasting peace and prosperity in the region.

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