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Cyprus Shipping Registry Expands Amidst Global Challenges

The International Investment Conference 2024 in Cyprus aimed to strengthen business ties between Cyprus and Great Britain, focusing on promoting the growth of Cyprus’s maritime sector amidst global economic and geopolitical challenges. Industry leaders came together to exchange ideas and strategize on enhancing the competitiveness and appeal of the maritime industry despite current hurdles.

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Services Sector Records Strong Growth in 2023

The services sector in 2023 saw robust growth, with accommodation and catering services leading the way with an 18.9% increase, administrative and support services following closely with a 15.5% rise. Professional, scientific, and technical activities also saw significant growth at 2.7%, reflecting global technological trends.

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Strengthening Business and Trade: Cyprus and Estonia Forge Ahead with New Forum

The CyprusEstonia Business Forum aims to strengthen economic ties by promoting collaboration in key sectors like shipping, cybersecurity, and information technology. Scheduled during Estonian President Alar Karis’s official visit to Cyprus on March 27, the event will provide a platform for networking, sharing insights, and establishing partnerships to boost trade and cooperation between the two nations.

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Strengthening Cyprus-Estonia Economic Cooperation

Cyprus and Estonia are strengthening economic ties through the ‘CyprusEstonia: Promoting Bilateral Collaborations’ event, focusing on partnerships in shipping, cybersecurity, and information technology. Business leaders from both nations are engaging in private meetings to explore mutual opportunities, leveraging Cyprus’s strategic location and specialized workforce for longterm ventures.

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Cyprus Shipping Chamber Condemns Houthi Missile Attack

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber (CSC) vehemently denounced the missile attack on the commercial vessel True Confidence by Houthi forces, leading to tragic loss of life and injuries. CSC urges immediate international intervention to protect seafarers and vessels in the Red Sea from further acts of aggression.

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A New Era in Cypriot Maritime Services

The Deputy Ministry of Shipping in Cyprus has launched a onestop shipping centre, streamlining maritime services and enhancing efficiency in the Cypriot maritime sector. The centre provides prioritized access to state resources, revolutionizing the industry and positioning Cyprus as a global maritime player.

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