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Discover North Cyprus with Easy Rent-A-Car

🌟 Discover North Cyprus with Easy RentACar 🚗 Welcome to Kyrenia, the magical old harbour town in North Cyprus. Your journey begins here, with Easy RentACar. Your ticket to discover, explore, and immerse yourself in the culture, history, and natural beauty of this Mediterranean gem.

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The Language History of North Cyprus: The Turkish Alphabet

Did you know that the official language of North Cyprus is Turkish? The region adopted the Turkish language and its unique alphabet, which includes letters like ç, ğ, and ö. Interestingly, the Turkish alphabet borrowed letters from other languages like Albanian, Romanian, German, and even Swedish! North Cyprus is a melting pot of cultures, and residents like Maria bring a fresh perspective to this multicultural region. Follow her journey as she captures the beauty of North Cyprus through her lens. 📷✨

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Exploring Furniture Stores in North Cyprus

Hey everyone! 👋 Are you looking for some unique furniture stores in North Cyprus? Head over to the vibrant city of Kyrenia, where you’ll find a variety of stores offering a blend of local and imported pieces. One standout store is Mepas, located on Kalkandere Sokak No.4, Girne, known for its delightful bathroom furniture selections. We had the chance to photograph the beautifully designed pieces in this store. 📸🪑 If you have any questions or want to know more about North Cyprus, feel free to reach out to Sophia Kristensson at Let’s explore this captivating world together! 🌍💫

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Magical Beachfront Weddings at Salamis Bay Conti Hotel in North Cyprus

Looking for a magical beachfront wedding venue? Look no further than Salamis Bay Conti Hotel in North Cyprus! With stunning sea and mountain views, exceptional wedding planning services, and a range of leisure and entertainment facilities, it’s the perfect allinclusive destination for an unforgettable celebration. Fall in love with North Cyprus and book your dream wedding at Salamis today.

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About Sophia Söderholm: A Passion for Real Estate and North Cyprus

Meet Sophia Söderholm, a real estate agent with a passion for North Cyprus. Originally from Sweden, Sophia has explored many corners of the world before settling in North Cyprus in 2013. With her diverse educational background and knowledge of the local market, she has become a successful agent. She is also the editorinchief for the New Cyprus Magazine, sharing her love for the island’s culture, events, and lifestyle. Get in touch with Sophia to discover the beauty and charm of North Cyprus.

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Shevketoglu: The Gateway to Luxury Boat Life in North Cyprus

Looking for a luxurious boat life in North Cyprus? Look no further than Shevketoglu Group, offering a range of products and services like jet skis, fishing equipment, and marine electronics. Partnering with top global brands, including Yamaha and Beretta, Shevketoglu provides premium products and excellent customer service. Established in 1956, this family business has a rich history and a passion for helping customers embrace a sea culture in North Cyprus.

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Hot Air Balloon Rides in North Cyprus

Experience the magic of hot air balloon rides in North Cyprus with Yeni Iskele Flying Cyprus Air Sports. The company recently established their presence on the island, and they offer a thrilling ride at a height of 1000 meters. Book your ride today by contacting them at +90 (542) 864 80 00. Don’t forget to explore the diverse attractions North Cyprus has to offer!

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Meet Sophia Söderholm: A Multifaceted Professional in North Cyprus

Meet Sophia Söderholm, a multifaceted professional based in North Cyprus for over four years. With a diverse background in marketing, hotel management, and real estate, Sophia is also the editorinchief for New Cyprus Magazine, where she shares her experiences and offers valuable advice on the region’s lifestyle and opportunities. Connect with Sophia to learn more about North Cyprus and its unique blend of culture, natural beauty, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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North Cyprus Welcomes Online Shopping: Fashionista

Fashionista in North Cyprus is the goto online store for trendy and affordable clothing imported from international brands. Founded by Sally Sghair in 2015, the store is set to open a physical location in central Kyrenia within the next two months. They offer stylish party dresses, casual wear, shoes, bags, and swimwear to a diverse clientele and emphasize the importance of providing highquality clothing at reasonable prices.

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Discover the Rich Marine Life of North Cyprus on a Fishing Adventure

Discover the thrill of fishing in the rich marine ecosystem of North Cyprus with North Cyprus Fishing! Dennis and Janel, a fatherdaughter duo, organize fishing tours using their advanced fishing boat, Bewitched, equipped with a “Fish Finder” and deepdrop electrical fishing reel to catch large fish species such as Albacor Tuna, swordfish, grouper, and Bluefin Tuna weighing over 200 kg. Suitable for beginners and experienced anglers, reserve your 45 hour adventure with North Cyprus Fishing by contacting Dennis at +90533825 83 33.

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